Evangelizing in America when Christians are afraid to stand out, distrust is growing

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  1. dan.w says:

    I believe..[I could be wrong],that the [True]Church..is in a very,very small minority.Most of what I see calling itself Christianity seems lacking.It is almost for show.At the same time,the real Church pretty much operates in obscurity,almost invisible,like it’s Author.The real Church doe’s exist.It is powerful because it is connected to the Head,which is Christ.We constantly come before Him,or are in constant fellowship with Him..not just at times,but continually,walking in His presence.We keep short account’s with Him because to us,He is real and we want to be found pleasing in His sight.Religion is the great blinder of men’s mind’s to the truth..but still…out of many religion’s..there is a true remnant of believer’s from all age’s past,present and future.They have been touched by the Lord.They see the ‘Person of Christ’ not some dead wooden thing that fall’s in on itself.Satan [loves] religion..because it muddies the clear water’s of the Gospel of Truth and either adds to or subtract’s from Christ and His all completed finished work on the Cross.When Jesus said…;It Is finished’..He meant it.There is no such thing as ‘spectator christianity’.If the Holy Spirit reside’s in you,you cannot help but to walk in your ‘new nature’.It is against all Christ created you to be..to not share your faith with other’s..or pray..or any number of thing’s that are part of our new life in Christ.Christ IS building His Church….If we are not a part of that,it isn’t because we weren’t invited to come along side.What a humbling honor to know that the Master and Creator of all thing’s want’s us to join Him in His Holy work….Wow……..We can fill the spiritual vacuum with Christ…or let the world fill it with evil,death and Hell. To know what to do…and not do it…for the Lord…it is sin. I wish that all who read this will feel the love of Christ compel them on to the finish line,like the apostle Paul.God bless all of you,..Merry Christmas.