Everything Left believes is complete fiction… “mass hallucinations” bedrock of left-wing

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  1. dan.w says:

    It’s beautiful to see all those people reached for the Lord..God bless,brother John….Oh,on the delusional left thing….not the story,but the cat and lion picture…That red kitty looks like my little boy…and yes,he thinks that is his reflection…but trust me..he doe’s live up to that reflection if some unsavory characters try to break into our house..with us home…He ran for the door as if to stop the intruder cold…..really.

  2. dan.w says:

    As re;the video of a fox news/former cia,fbi guy….God Bless you sir for doing what we all should be doing.We here do appreciate that you exposed the fraud that mueller is trying to smear good people with.That whole satanic cartel of deep state operatives needs to be brought out into the Son-shine…where we can behold them in their glorious slimy deception..before giving them new digs…at the BIG house…where bubba chases them around till they drop from exaustion.Also,an excellent investigative reporter name Jerome Corsi is standing up to the witch hunt mueller is trying to foist upon him.Corsi is top notch,and only tells the pure unvarnished truth.He has an excellent lawyer,Larry Klayman helping him.Pray for these two..that God would use them to squash the evil minions trying to steal our republic and make us criminals.This is OUR hour..not the demonrats…One more thing…[Columbo esque]…My codolences on the Bush family loss…Please Father God..send us no more Bushes,Clintons,Soetoro’s….

  3. dan.w says:

    All the story’s you bring to us are top notch,brother John…..This is a well rounded site and ministry…Mr.Mow agree’s,[my cat].Thanks.

  4. dan.w says:

    In the near future I would like to ‘help’ again…I love this ministry and am humbled God would use us,and that you let us be a part of this eternity changing ministry.God bless you brother,[sir]…….