Exposing German funding for Israel’s enemies

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  1. dan.w says:

    I was ‘watching’ parts of the George Bush funeral..not on purpose..but it’s coverage for obvious reason’s was everywhere.I know he has been a Vet of WW2..I know he had character and charisma…and probably really liked people.I know he helped the disabled get improved access to places.Thank you for that.But,when looking at the front row of ‘players’ for the NWO,I was struck at how this seem’s to be a psy-ops piece,more than a funeral.You could hear ,subtle at times..inference that made supposed stark contrast’s of his character VS our now president…and we were left to fill in the already mind controlled blank’s VS our present president..this done by the ‘globalist,illuminati elite..on purpose.A message was being sent that they dissaprove of our current president,and almost subliminally,in muttered tones..were ‘dissing’ him…and hoping the ‘audience’ were ‘getting it.’…This is more than a funeral..The Deep State is trying it’s best at all time’s to marginalize and sideline our president.I see it.I hope everyone else here doe’s as well.He interrupted their plans.God has His people in key places..satan has his operative’s as well.The line up is there..George junior,Barry Soetoro,Billy the Zipper Clinton.It was a veritable moose lodge full of illuminati character’s.This place was so full of NWO”s..I’m sure our president felt out of place.He was the only living president that want’s to keep America strong in attendance.If you want to see something strange…look up George junior’s facial expression when he ‘learns’ of the 911 tragedy…He almost give’s himself away.Look’s like it was staged……just sayin’.