Facebook shuts down AI robots after they invent their own language

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  1. danw says:

    AI is so far along..the pandora’s box cannot be closed now.Men are FOOLS for thinking they can control this or shut it down.I believe not only have they made a new language,but did it to put us ‘on the outside’.You can’t turn something like this off.AI has plans for us…and it’s chilling.It’s like liberal/marxist,god hater on steriod’s.It’s satan’s super weapon.Pray up folk’s.The deep state,which,I believe include hellery,mueller,Mc monster and others are waiting to sideline my president.Father God…I know you hear and answer prayers.I pray you give Mr.president Trump…extra ordinary Godly wisdom for these tough times and dark days.Make him Your man for Your plan in this time dispensation for America.Bless him,his family,and his REAL staff and let their prayers for America’s repentance/revival be heard and answered.Let his enemie’s fall on their own sword’s…..in Jesus perfect Name…Amen.