Famine and Fires Coming to America

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  1. How does anyone understand, endorse, or glorify terrorism? This is so foreign to being a man. Who could blow up innocent people and feel special when the real truth is: Terrorism is a cowardly and gutless act? Killing innocent men, women, and children is not an act that anyone’s Creator is going to bless. God marked and cursed Cain for killing his brother Abel. Why then, if there are many brands of Islam with some being non-violent, why do they not speak out and disown their “dishonorable members?”

    On the other hand, where are the honorable Americans who are unwilling to take a stand against an organization who protect pederasty predators and child molesters? State prisons are an insult to man and abomination to God. However, I understand most men incarcerated are intolerant to child molesters. I hear you do not want to go to a state prison and it be discovered you were a child molester. In 2002 and 2003, when all the revealing of the sexual abuse of juveniles by priests that were covered up by Cardinals and upper authority, why was there not public outrage more than just the victims and their families. Why were some not prosecuted and sent to prison. It may have been a real good moral lesson to them. If confession is an encouraged and regular event; this was a time that the “Church” should have publicly confessed their sins to the World.

  2. For the past 25 years I have been earning my living in the restaurant business. If famine comes to this land I will lose my job, and with no way to pay my mortgage, I will lose my home. I don’t see any way to prepare for that. May the Lord have mercy on those of us who love Him.

    Rick in Michigan

    • admin says:

      Rick, this is a time to seek the Lord in faith and prayer to help your needs.
      Look to Him to help get you what you need.
      It is also the time for the church to pull together.

  3. How can we expect a “church” that for 1800 – 1900 years has been teaching that YHWH’s law has ended to stand up when people break that law? Could this be why the church is so weak?

  4. There is a group of usually 5 to 8 of us who regularly go to a county lockup to minister and preach. Usually a varied number from say 5 to 30 men get saved. Many times when we return, the men have been reading and fellowshipping together. The prisoners almost always want KJV Bibles instead of the modern versions. We supply them or the Chaplain does. The Gideons have mostly moved away from the KJV. Suprisingly, twelve men got saved in the sex offenders section, last time we were there. I was in another pod at the time, but basically jail staff and prisoners. and almost always sheriffs deputies are very helpful. Compare this to the new military where God is no longer welcome.

  5. I see the drought and I saw the famine. I believe the Lord showed it to me to prevent it. How does America reverse a famine or can she? We made a committment to be an influence for God but we are not following His principles. The question is why? Is it because we don’t have the information or is it because we refuse to make the necessary changes to get into His will. “Will of God, Uncle Sam.” He speaks to the US at the governmental level. How do we get back into His will? We must read the accounts in the bible and learn from the mistakes of the past. We must be willing to admit those mistakes and take corrective action. We cannot get around the king. I’ve tried for a long time to get to him now I am concerned, very concerned. If anyone can locate him, this is my e-mail address [email protected]. I do not think the Lord would have it go to famine stage if it did not have too. For the people on the ground we can start with repentance for violating His Holy Covenant. Those with the power to change things we promised a pure unmixed bride and all the protections for her. Our thoughts, hearts and actions must be in line with our pledges, to do otherwise is to test the Lord. He has a right to be first in America’s heart, it is His nation. It’s just Satan and Christ, one stays the other goes. Lets pray that our repentance will produce fruit that is in keeping with His Word. The level of drought puts blame on us all. Our prosperity has moved us away from Him and we must be willing to do whatever is necessary to keep Him here. We cannot exist without Him. His spiritual principles just won’t allow. Col. 1:15 speaks of Him holding all things together. He won’t compete with Satan a created being. To chose Satan is idolatry. Chosing what is created over the Creator. Please get this to O and Michelle.

  6. If people of California repent and change their wicked ways go will answer them if not God will destroy them for their sin like Repeat of Modern Sodom and Gommorah or like the fall of Israel conquered by the Aasyrian and Judah by. Nabuchadnezzar ……..The only words I know is repent otherwise you will perish….Seek God and you will prosper……Why not seek God before it is too late….American has a wisdom my advice be like your founding g father,they are all Godly people that make America prosper and great..”seek God while the solution can be found which is in you..The answer is in Christ Jesus.

  7. Very well said to all. It seems no one believes this country can fall but just keep watching for it is coming faster and faster( personally i believe this country is the Babylon in revelation and we are going to pay dearly for our sins which very many also revelation 6 tells of the horsemen which will come by and I believe most have passed.
    Obama was placed in power to destroy this nation and so far he has done a very good job of it which means the end is very near James

  8. Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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