FBI: Dangerous and Needs Cleansed

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  1. danw says:

    I believe not only Europe,but the U.S. is falling fast.Reprobate hireling pastors/pastorettes?..totally opposing God and His stand on life.People will answer for killing the unborn,or looking the other way.On the first/second amendments area..why isn’t the liberal God haters shut down…We have tons of fake republican rhinos licking liberal/commie boots.Personally,i see a fast approaching adios to free speech and self defense,[gun grab] here in the U.S.of A.If we as a nation didn’t rise up to protect the unborn or keep prayer in school or defend the Bible in the public square,…I don’t see anyone stopping gun grabbers or free speech eliminators.I’m not blaming our president…but it seems the one worlders are still full speed ahead regardless of who our president is.This in my view is our fault…It happened on our watch.Now,generation Xer’s,Yer’s and those who don’t know what sex they are,but sure love islam are coming for the real Christian’s and real conservatives…..see how it shakes out.

  2. Hi I can tell you many born again Christians and charismatic and Pentecostal churches are praying for this country of great Britian and for revival and evangelization of Muslims and there coming to christ