Fed Chair “Trump’s Worst Nightmare” — Who the Hell Raises Rates w/Dow Down 12% in 3 Mos!

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  1. dan.w says:

    I’ve been ‘sitting on this for a little while.’Remember the I have a dream speech?…Well,unlike that infamous one…mine was real.Actually it was a tri-fecta of events…Some months back…I was sleeping,[or so I though]…it was about 4am.In my ‘dream’…there was no background whatsoever..only black,like a blank slate…Then I ‘heard a voice’in the male gender…calm and methodically,almost monotone like say…You’ve got five years……Wow…I woke up.I was calm,not shaken.I asked for comfirmation,none yet…Then,a couple weeks after that..It was a ‘harvest moon’.My drapes were drawn to keep the light out.At about 2am,the light was so intense..I’m a face sleeper..it woke me,being so bright.I looked at the light,which has enblazened ‘symbols’ on my pillow ..in light.I drew the figures so I wouldn’t forget them by morning.They were 3 triangles,standing on their toe’s,and then a ‘dallet’,which is Hebrew for ‘the door’..a one of Christ’s many name’s…Fast forward a couple of week’s…I’m driving down a country road,it’s about 1;30 in the afternoon..Calm drive,no traffic.I felt ‘compelled to look up…In from of the cloud’s present was a ‘ring shaped cloud’,spinning counterclockwise.It had no tail.From the time I first noticed it,I counted to 5-6 seconds…before it vanished.A heavenly portal/sign?There were NO aircraft around to make this..and other than spinning…it did not move.Any idea’s?..Could we be getting a heads up on the lateness of the hour?

  2. dan.w says:

    As re; the stock market thing.The ‘fed’ is not overseen by anyone as far as I know.They are neither federal,nor have they ‘reserves’…but are an ‘arm’,if you will of satan and his world system.’They’ tell you what money is worth on any particular day.So if anyone thinks they can save all their life,and count that as their security..they may be seriously disappointed in the future.It’s like a big mousetrap.With the stroke of a pen/or key stroke…money could be made worthless..which is the ‘game’ some who get rich play.It’s a rigged game.My final confidence is in the Lord.I operate out of faith,but the lost are corralled with fear.We are to use money as a tool…the evil one uses it as a weapon.As re;Trump…I believe he is smart by trying to get us out of Syria.Our troops hands are tied there because of the ‘rules of engagement’ we are strapped with.We cannot win in a war that has gone on for centuries with a western mindset.Russia,Turkey and Iran are now allied there and a pincer grip/WW3 may await us if we stay there.The stage has all the players on it.The illuminati/deep state are also satans arm.They see Trump as interrupting their plan/schedule for the NWO.They are really upset,and are ‘starting fires’,trying to get the American/world public against him by stacking the deck.Please pray non-stop for our president and his trusted,godly advisors….You have no idea how close we are to losing everything we know as normal if he is defeated in any way.Father God…be with Donald Trump.Give him Your wisdom to take on his and our enemie’s.Let the wicked be snared out in the open,with no remedy,for all to see…so we can sing a praise to Your Holy Name,Amen.

  3. dan.w says:

    As a note about my ‘dream’ post…Those events have made me think about the time we may or may not have…and how precious it is…not to waste it.Since that first ‘dream’…I felt an urgency to really,really get the Gospel out.If this is the outcome or result of my ‘tri-fecta’ of events..thats a good thing.I’ve had surprising [for me] response to getting Jesus DVD’s into the hands of Joe or Jane anybody.It’s actually been pretty positive..as I feel the Lord’s leading on the person’s to give them to,and what to say…I have an elderly uncle who gives them out too…he’s seeing the same thing.I’m a realist…but also optimistic that God is not done doing great things if we just ‘show up’ and watch Him work.I want to be one of God’s tree’s bearing life giving fruit for eternity.You just know God is in this because He takes the fear of mans rejection away,and instead puts the love for their eternal souls in it’s place.God bless all of you as you walk in God’s field.