Financial Armageddon: Update

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  1. dan .w says:

    With all the people [checking out]of the job market..doe’s that portend that some will be trying to [pull]jobs,instead of work at them?These people will have to [get wages]..somehow…Then we have the tumble of world economies,transhumanism,leftie/muslim co-ops ect.Anyone get the feeling,something is goin down?? I’m at peace because the Prince of Peace rules and reigns in my heart.Jesus has us secure in Him.Even if the bad boy from the east..[haircut guy],huffs and puffs…It’s Jesus who lets him have his next breath….Thank you Jesus for all my family here,and for saving us from ‘the hour’…We are safe and secure in you. Dan.w

  2. Brian says:

    Jewish Voice Ministries, a ministry of Jews who believe in Jesus, is airing an hour-long program on major tv network channels in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, Tampa and West Palm Beach. The program, called “The Miracle of Israel,” shows how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled today in four ways: the rebirth of the nation of Israel, the return to the land of the people of Israel, the desire of the people to build a third temple, and the people’s longing for the Messiah. The program is very well done and quite compelling. And it also states very clearly that Jesus is the Messiah the Jews long for.

  3. Steffen, Norway says:

    I really enjoy following your updates here from Norway, John. You do a great, great job. But sometimes i think you´re way too bombastic in your views, and that you tend to forget that Gods ways are not human ways. From time to time you act like you know the inside of Gods “head” and all of his plans. The reason im saying this, is not to pick on you, but to remind you that there probably are many spritiual immature people / unsaved that reads this blog.

    Again: really thank you for all your great work.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Thanks that my blog is a blessing to you.
      What can I say about this Comment?
      I report things as I see it.
      What appears to you as bombastic to me is reporting reality.
      I cannot change on this.

  4. Julia says:

    There are two passages that stand out as I read your blog today John and they are Psalm 49 and when the rich man asked Jesus what must he do to inherit eternal life? He went away grieved for he had great possessions.(Mark 10 V17-27).The true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth!He loves us so much and looks for us to turn to him…..But rather seek ye the Kingdom of God;and all these things shall be added unto you.FEAR NOT,LITTLE FLOCK;FOR IT IS YOUR FATHERS GOOD PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM.God Bless This Ministry!

  5. Ryan Thomas says:

    Good answer John,
    Steffens, Norway, hi
    Those are good things to wonder about and discuss, but don’t forget that, John, as a mature blood bought born again saint of the most high God, does have access to the mind of Christ.
    Does live in fellowship and union with Christ Jesus.
    Is a son of God by the resurrection and regenerate power of the Holy One.
    Romans. 8:1-17. And many others.
    Love to you.

  6. dan .w says:

    Amen Julia!..The Lord used the passage of the Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdom in my life years ago,and it had a profound effect of drawing me even nearer to Him.It was one of those times when He speaks directly into our hearts on a one to one.Thank you for the reminder. Dan.w….P.S. God bless you sister.

  7. Centurion says:

    It can’t happen here said the muse.

  8. Centurion says:

    “Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws.” Mater Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

  9. Patrick S. says:

    This also used to be on Comcast on-demand… (Tacoma, WA area)

  10. Richard Ditty says:

    I when I see all the uncertainty ahead, I am comforted by the words of this psalm:

    “A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked.
    For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the Lord upholdeth the righteous. The Lord knoweth the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be for ever. They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.
    But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of the Lord shall be as the fat of lambs: they shall consume; into smoke shall they consume away.
    The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.
    For such as be blessed of him shall inherit the earth; and they that be cursed of him shall be cut off.”

  11. Ryan Thomas says:

    The satan worshipers, think the timing is right for their master plan of world control to commence.
    They think they have all the tech. and tools and weapons to implement it now. Plus they see the same birth pangs we do.
    So now they are going to take away everything they can from us, and try to make us make bricks, without straw.