Financial Crisis: Urgent

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  1. Jay says:


    Two historic wildfires in June started by lightning strikes, one in NM and one in CO, and they are still going. Timed to “celebrate” LGBT pride month?

    God bless.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I want to share something with you and the readers. I have been following a blog for quite some time, the man calls himself “Ulsterman”, it is a guise. He has 2 informants, both whom voted for Obama but are trying desperately to now get him removed, and they are fearful. One is actually a whitehouse insider and the other is a wall street insider. Wall Street insider is an elderly jewish man who has been very ill as of late. Just yesterday he put out a short message and warns of Christine Largarde and what is transpiring right before our eyes (and behind our backs):

    Following this blog is a wealth of information, which has been proven very accurate in the past year:

  3. Melany says:

    John~ Truly appreciate your news. I am resigned to the fact that there is no “real news” reporting anymore. Best I can do with my 1st cup of coffee is try to read the crawls at the bottom of the screen (little snippets of news there). The rest is entertainment. I had let my Bible studies slide. No more. I’m back to reading Scripture every morning. Thank you so much for the work you do in keeping us updated. We need the truth. We need to be grounded in Scripture.

  4. Shirlee says:

    Thanks for that great blog! I am going to stock up on some more supplies. Can you believe these people? Yeah, they are planning on this whole thing to be one big surprise to us little people.
    People have no idea what is about to happen!
    Thanks for all your research and your Godly leadership. I do not take you for granted. Still Praying for your eye…I hope it’s better. God Bless You!

  5. Anon says:

    Something like this makes me wonder — since the EU is comprised of more than 10 “toes,” will the current EU collapse, to be replaced later by the final 10-toed kingdom prophesied by Daniel.
    Also, sometimes I wonder if the 10-nation kingdom will not be a European entity, but rather a world-wide kingdom comprised of 10 large zones (there are nine continents, for example.)
    Everybody always describes the Anti-Christ as “the coming world ruler,” but they also say it will be the “revived Roman empire” made up of the EU nations. If he is to be a world ruler, perhaps we are thinking too small.

  6. Cynthia says:

    Pentagon to salute gay troops:

    Brother John I don’t even know what to say anymore. We are so devastated by our son’s death in Afghanistan but I can’t help but wonder if maybe the Lord was sparing him from something much worse. Once the military was sodomized my heart was never right about my son serving in the Army any longer. I actually had a discussion with him that if he was ever called to fight against Israel to refuse those orders. He said “Mom why would that happen, they are our ally”. Well Brother John you know I told him that for a reason. They are not the ally of the commander-in-chief, he hates them, that is why I felt the need to express this to my son. Well there is no chance of that happening now, my son was killed in Afghanistan but my heart is now telling me that maybe, just maybe the Lord was sparing him from something much worse. When we went to Dover to await the return of our son’s remains we had great conversation with the Chaplain. My husband had ask him something specific about his “role” and he said “we are not sure what our role is any longer, we feel like we are now walking on razor blades.” My heart is just so broken for so many reasons. You are in our prayers Brother John for healing in your eyes, I do not know what we would do without your truth and reminder that there is hope.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for praying for me during your time of great sorrow.
      Keep focused on the Lord coming for His church and being reunited with your son.
      God bless you.

  7. Dan .w says:

    Dear Lord Jesus…Please make us ready and waiting…faithful to you.

  8. Jane says:

    It is hard to believe the media is not on our side.I need to stop and realize that God is in charge not man.It is sad to see how far our nation has become.Thank you for all the information you give us.People need to serve God and realize our country does not like good and Hollywood is pushing hard to destroy the morals of our youth.

    • We were put here to Occupy until Christ returns. That means to be in charge, not bow to wickedness that pretend Christians have voted into office. America’s pulpits are useless. The members of the congregations are voting for the Devils disciples and not a word from the pulpits.

  9. Eric Jones says:

    Global financial collapse is the best, fastest, and possibly the only way to ram rod the New World Order (aka One World Government) into existence over the objections of many people. Once people are hungry enough they’ll be like Essau and sell their “birth right” away for a morsel of food. That’s how so many dictators come to power, promises of something for everyone and costing little or nothing. So look out everyone!!! The NWO could be just around the “corner”!

  10. Keith O. says:

    Hello everyone. I remain stunned at the fact that many in the church don’t see ANYTHING bad coming down the pike. They ignore warnings or bury their heads in the sand. A pastor told me that since we “are like many sparrows”, God will take care of us. This mentality permeates the church. These people will not so much as put up one can of soup in a pantry. What kind of witness for the Lord will you be when the outside world sees these unprepared church folk fall victim to what is coming? Especially when secular people are even more prepared than they are? They will laugh and scoff at the church and ridicule the Bible. The Bible does warn us in advance of what is coming and what can be expected when a nation or especially a people turn their back on God. A careful check of Leviticus 26 is a good measuring stick to see how your nation rates.
    But if I am asked why was I prepared, I will respond that God has told me do so through his Word and through prayer. I’m sure it is the same with many of you in that you have friends and relatives that see what you have been doing over the past several years. They think we’re nuts, but being kind they don’t actually come out and say so. But my wife and I make it a point to tell them why we are doing this. We’re just following orders. Whether this stuff is for us or a tribulation saint, I don’t know. I just try to be obedient to my Lord. And maybe that will be the final thing needed to persuade them that they need the Savior in their life.

    • Keith O: How wonderful! We are on the same track about preparedness. About 3 or 4 years ago, when I first started hearing about this and started putting extra food for any kind of natural disaster (floods, earthquakes, etc.) away, my family sort of raised their eyebrows. Now, at least one of my sons is starting to store some extra foods. But the thing that amazed me about what you said is about tribulations saints. When I first started doing this, I would pray that if I didn’t need this extra food before the rapture, that God would protect it and lead a hungry tribulation saint to find it and the filtered water, plus the water filter itself. A couple of other people in this comment section have said the same thing–so I believe that God is definitely speaking to His true church about the preparedness subject!

      • Keith O. says:

        Barbara in VA, Right now I try not to question, just obey. As much as I want and look forward to His coming for us, part of me hopes that the Lord tarries. You see, I squandered much of my life-up until around 2003. I had deluded myself into thinking that I could live life my own way and then “get right with God” in my golden years-I’m so fortunate the Lord didn’t allow me to die during that time. I would have been lost. I am since cramming as much knowledge of the Lord into my heart and mind in order to be a “good and faithful servant” for Him in the time I have left. My rewards at the Judgment Seat will be few, I’m afraid. I will have many tears and regrets of time, talents, resources that were wasted. I do, however, look forward to being with Him and all of you.

        • Ellie says:

          Dear Barbara,
          I too am a late bloomer. Your post could have been written by me! Please known that God loves us anyway, and remember that he who is first shall be last and he who is last shall be first. We just have to repent and ask our Lord’s forgivness. God Bless, and don’t worry, give it to the Lord.

  11. Wow…..amazing days we are living in!! May God continue to bless and keep you Bro. John. Thanks so much for your blog. I always look forward to your updates!!

  12. catherine says:

    Dear Dr. John

    Thanks for that great blog!which I look forward daily to your writing. I don’t think it matters whether I am an American or nor. I have started stocking up a little here and there on some supplies (food). But I am very concerned with my close families and friends who does not understand that we are living in the end time.

    Thanks to Ms. Jan Markell (Understanding The Times) that I got to hear about you. Thank you for your Godly teaching which I appreciate it deeply.

    Trust your eye is improving by the day.
    God Bless You!

  13. Dan .w says:

    It’s wonderful to see that there are some who still love and believe the Lord and heed His warnings.Those who really love Christ.. can’t help but talk about Him and about Biblical subjects..others in ‘churchianity’,you never hear a peep about Jesus,because they are lost and still trapped in this world system.One day,they will tell the Lord all of what they did for Him..We do nothing for Him.He did it all.All we can do is humbly accept His love gift..Our sin in exchange for His Righteousness.He is coming far sooner than any of us realize,new sodom surrounds us..and He is our only real,true hope.