France: Innumerable neighborhoods Islamised ruled by Sharia law”

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  1. dan.w says:

    France…is gone.Any country or people who tell God to ‘take a hike’ should expect similar rewards..What is the reward…invasion by an enemy so brutal,you pray to have nightmares because that is nothing compared to what islam has in store for anyone who is not them.Until we fall on our knees,physically/spiritually to the Lord in true direction changing repentance,this could be our lot..if not we still ‘die by degree’s’…..In our country,we have some thing’s going on,that if,not checked will resemble ‘islam’s’ reward.Neo-pagan/marxist/social gospel/evangelicals who are like the virgin with no oil in her lamp..In other word’s they are ‘gunning’for true Bible believer’s and Jew’s.and constitutional republic patriot’s.THAT’S US FOLK’S!!!!!There is a false church..I call ‘churchianity’ that has NOT the Holy Spirit in it.We had better be aware..That’s why I’m giving you the head’s up now.They want your free speech gone.Your right to bear arms gone.national borders..gone..etc,etc.We ARE in a un[civil]war.Better believe it and prepare.Seek the Lord’s wisdom,for dark day’s appear just ahead.We will see an uptick in crazy,violent behavior ,because that’s where we are on God’s calendar.Pray for and cling to solid Biblical teacher’s..because there is no shortage of wolves in sheep’s clothing,or their foot soldier’s.The Lord will not fail you…but you must trust Him completely…