From Russian Bolsheviks to American Socialists

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  1. David Bumbier says:

    Another great article brother John. God bless you and your loved ones and you ministry.

  2. dan.w says:

    Thanks for the pictures on your ministry outreach,and the testimonies.With all that go’s on in this world,everybody need’s the Gospel.This is real world life changing,eternal destiny changing for these people who we can now call brothers/sisters…Glory to God. P.S. Special blessings to you and yours,brother John.Keep up the fine work.

  3. d says:

    America was,for the most part,founded by honest God fearing people.There are always rats that are on a ship that come along,because we live in a sin cursed world.those rats are now in our midst.They create nothing..Destruction is all they know.I urge every God fearing patriot who loves America and what she originally stood for to take these ‘vermin’to task.How?,first pray,then,go to the polls,next,ask the Lord to bring someone to you,so you can tell them about Jesus,and His power to save.Our country is in this mess because of misplaced priorities and apathy and selfishness…something if we are all honest,we share in.It is up to us in this generation to make new believers.God has brought every tongue,nation,tribe here to our shores…What is our excuse?If we lose America…remember…it happened on our watch.If we were babysitters,would we be hired back?……….