God’s Final Judgment on America

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  1. I appreciate your clear and uncompromising defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May the Lord continue to strengthen and guide you.

  2. Tom says:

    Although the stock market gained, 880 points back don’t put your trust in any sort of recovery. A full blindness is on America and the majority of churches. This will be worse than the Great Depression and a reason for the world governments to Form a world government predicted in scripture.

  3. Barbara In VA says:

    There is a heaviness in my heart for all those, especially those who claim to be Christians, who have no idea of what is happening, some of them in my own family.
    Each day now I go to Bible Gateway to read their verse of the day. Today’s verse is especially relevant to what is happening:

    I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications. Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, therefore will I call upon him as long as I live.
    Psalm 116:1-2 KJV

    May God bless each and every one of you my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


  4. Dan.w says:

    I want to believe that the Lord could give us ‘one more Biblical revival’.I know He can do anything.But,what is staring us down right now is the most sobering thing I have ever seen.I thank you so much,brother John,for loving us enough to give us hard truth..not the swill passed off as what is told in some other quarters.We ARE in serious stuff here.Not only be physically prepared,but have a ‘cool’ head…Stay close to the Lord.Keep very short accounts with Him.Lord Jesus,I pray for all of us here,that you would make us as David,men and women after you own heart.Keep us ready for your promptings/leadings.Make us very sensitive to your voice.Make the worldly system a thing to run from for us.We are your sheep..You are our shepherd.In this hour of in our face evil,make us bold as lions with and for your truth.Let the very though of timidity fall from us as yesterday’s dirty clothes,and robe us with your holiness.Make it impossible for us to’ride the fence’…but help us to be fresh salt and bright light to a culture gone mad.

  5. Dan Clift says:

    Thank you John for reporting The Truth. Can’t wait to see you at the end of October…if the Lord allows.

  6. Terry says:

    Reading about Planned Parenthood and how they operate makes me sick to my stomach. Congress needs to step up and defund this murder industry, regardless of what the stinking POTUS threatens to do.

  7. Henry w says:

    I’m sitting here as I type in amazement still at all the folks not grasping the lateness of the hour I feel so blessed to discern this time and when I reach out to people they tell me I’m crazy or on drugs or something god bless all of you here

  8. Danielle says:

    @Henry … Same here .. A very few close friends who “get it.” The rest? It goes right over their heads ! Sometimes I start to feel like an “alien” and then I just smile because I remember THIS IS NOT MY PERMANENT HOME .. We are only passing through !! 🙂
    Forever His,

  9. Bill Haferkamp Sr. says:

    Please John ,could you send me the prophecy packet? Thank you! And by the way,We’re friends on FB!

  10. Melany says:

    Dan w. – Amen to that heartfelt prayer.

    You all are in my prayers daily, as we go through this together.

  11. Loretta says:

    I too, am so thankful for our faithful watchman (John), this blog and each and every person here. ..Dan, I love your prayer and I AMEN every word.
    God is so good and gracious to allow us the knowledge and light of understanding to recognize this late hour.
    Blessings to all,

  12. Debra Lukasiewicz says:

    I told my husband to get his money out, at first he did not want to but then did and now he is glad. I just hope my pantry is full enough with the little cash I do have. I have been telling people about the Lord and to get saved, one of my co-workers did

  13. OBAMA has such ‘blind hatred’ for Israel, that the entity he sycophantly grovels to (Iran), will one day utterly humiliate him.
    OBAMA is as naive as was KING BELSHAZZAR of ANCIENT BABYLON when it comes to understanding the intent and threat of the Persians. (Iranians)
    The United States is mirroring Ancient Babylon in many ways. (See Jeremiah 50 & 51)
    Is America “The Daughter of Babylon”? – Ancient Babylon fell on the 16th of Tishri (corresponds to September 28/29 – the day of the 4th Blood Moon.
    Why do OBAMA and KING BELSHAZZAR of Ancient Babylon (Daniel Chapter 5) both have a curious association with the number 2520?

  14. John says:

    I understand completely people’s sentiments on this site that it is frustrating when dealing with others,even family members and professing Christians and their failure to grasp the days in which we live. I explain to them that these are the days that the prophets of old longed to see and their comments are in the “oh yeah, that’s great(in other words ho hum)” realm.
    Going to Belton,Tx to see LA Marzulli at a prophecy conference this Friday and I asked others if they wanted to go and nobody wanted to, they couldn’t possibly care less and they didn’t see the point of going.Regardless of whether or not anyone agrees with Marzulli’s views, I don’t get it. I’m reminded of the old Martin Mull line in a movie from the 80’s..”In an insane world a sane man must appear insane.”

  15. TomE says:

    Little Ditty Bout Barack of Iran

    Little ditty bout Barack of Iran.
    An Islamic kid born in a foreign land.
    Barack he’s a rising Muslim dictator star.
    Lack of grades from school seems a bit bazaar.
    Sucking on Camel Joe’s and snort’n blow to him is such a breeze.
    Wasting time cheating on the golf course shows he does what he please.
    Abusing the Constitution to him doesn’t mean a thing, he acts like Ayatollahs Hajib.
    Barack he say, hey Iran, those Christians and Jews are our mutual enemy.
    I’ll do what I can to get you those nukes absolutely for free.
    O’ Yeah Barack’s lies go on, long after the thrill of being stoned is gone.
    O’ Yeah Barack’s lies go on. long after the thrill of destruction is gone.

    Little ditty bout Barack of Iran, doin’ his best to drop a nuke in the heartland.

    In His Service,

  16. TomE says:

    Barack’s Eubonic Economics

    Yo, I put my money in duh market, should’ve just parked it.
    Now that the market’s crashed ain’t no one know were my money’s at.
    Where did my money go, where is my cash be, why ain’t no one telling me?
    They say it’s about electronic transfer, done by the internet, something’ bout the ether, I don’t think they understand it either.

    They say trust us, trust us anyway, some day you gonna hit it big make it rich so best to track your money with a state approved inserted microchip. They say it ain’t no lie, ain’t no tricks, simple Barack Eubonic Economics. Yo.

    In HIs Service,

  17. Loretta says:

    haaa TomE, you are so funny and so right!!!!
    Thank you for a good laugh …and also an Amen!

  18. Dan.w says:

    I’m glad all of you here are my family.Thanks for the wisdom,kindness,humor,and most of all.truth.L.A.Marzulli is on the ‘cutting edge’ and has very timely insight….talking about what is just ahead for us…something most mainline ‘churches’ wouldn’t touch because it’s packed with truth so eye opening,you’ll want to nap now,’cause you’ll be up alllllll night’ if you don’t have Jesus on the inside.We are at ‘warp speed’ as far as singularity and the like are concerned.Thank you Jesus for the price you paid for all of us here.to set us free.Help us to be ready for you,and to bring many with us.Give us your words and wisdom in this late hour,Amen.