God's Final Warning to America

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  1. Tenner says:

    Prophetic Word!
    So by Breath alone will gain alone!
    Pride of The World will destroy the Hand that Created All AMEN

  2. Jay says:


    How interesting (appropriate?) that this storm began near Chicago, the president’s home state and ended at his current residence, Washington D.C.

    God bless.

    • admin says:

      Great insight and thanks for sharing this with us.

    • S.O. says:

      I noticed that also on a weather map that showed the areas affected by these storms. The one end was at Chicago, the other end at D.C. Something to make you go hmm. God bless. S.O.

  3. If we are now under judgment with the Lord how should we pray. I dont think we can keep asking God to bless us when our own President will not stand with the Holy God of Israel.
    If God has put Obama in the seat to run the country then is this not the way things are to go. Should we prepare for our trip home and just preach salvation to the loss. As the world is heading toward the tribulation then I dont think we can stop it. This is the only way we can go home unless we die. I guess we have to go thru this time becasue it must be time for all these things to happen.
    We can only ask God to protect the born again believers and wait for Him to take us home and just try to take as many people with us.
    God bless all of us born again believers and to protect us from His wrath.

    • Roxy Ogden says:

      Debra you are right on!! Let’s take as many to heaven with us as we can, and plead the blood over our families who aren’t saved.

  4. Sanyo says:

    I totally agree with Debra and was about to write the same thing. The Bible is God’s Holy word and it states that these things shall come upon the earth so why are we expecting different results? Yes, now is the time to urgently get the warning out as time is short. May God protect His own.

  5. Nancy says:

    I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.
    John 8:12

    Be of good courage and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

    Sharing some encouragement I received from the word today!

  6. Dan .w says:

    God’s very best check this site…because they care.Being a believer is not only being properly informed,but having our priorities straight,and praying or taking Godly action or measures.I’m not without hope,but at the same time,under no illusion that America is to be spared from what God has planned.We,as a nation,have walked away from Him,His righteousness,precepts and protection.God is not obligated to bless a nation that is opposite Him on virtually everything.Sodom must have been a sweet savor compared to us.Please don’t missunderstand me..I’m not saying don’t pray for our nation,but if God continues to judge America,it may be because we have crossed the tipping point.I can’t ask God to bless a nation that takes its most innocent,[the preborn],and snuffs them out like yesterdays garbage.More babies get murdered before being born,than adults dying in all wars.The womb is supposed to be the safest place on earth,now murderers intrude..where is the natural love of the mother,the protection of the father..the learnedness of the physician?Have we not all tossed aside the gift of life,and spit in the givers face??No matter who’s in office,or the courts..we always turn left,away from God..further and further till we aim for the rocks….No mere man can pull us out of this death spiral…But…Jesus is no mere man.He is all man,all God.In Him do I hope and trust.We are headed for a heavenly conclusion..I have no timetable…but God doe’s…He misses nothing.He’s right on track..He is in full control…and to be completely trusted…The Lamb is Worthy.None who put their full trust in Him will be dissapointed..God Bless all Dan.w

  7. Joyce says:

    As much as I am scared being 45 min. away from the fire in Colorado Springs, I know somehow that the Lord will protect His people. It shows me how close we really are, and I want to do better, and wake people up! I feel it in the air (besides the smoke we are breathing for so many days now) that things are not as usual. I feel almost an acceleration, I don’t know how to explain it. Weird! Thank you for your encouragement. These are difficult times! Maranatha!!!

  8. Like the old days reading your blog, remembering your book from ’98. It seems to be escalating. Obama is the most openly reprobate leader America has ever had. I saw picture of him wearing an Aleister Crowley tee shirt, Little things like this give an insight into the demonic forces. That Obama would celebrate sodomy and the most openly satanic person in the last 100 years is mind boggling. The good part of this is that we have power over all this, through the Power of Jesus, through his Blood.

  9. Our government is making it easy for women to just murder their babies and call it a womans right. Our government wants control and to get rid of God and what we hold dear to our hearts.
    God is such a threat to man who wants nothing to do with Him the Holy One if Israel.
    I agree with Dan I just cannot bring myself to God and ask Him to bless a nation who wants nothing to do with Him. I just pray that God will bless the ones who love Him and are His children and protect us until He takes us Home.

  10. Bob says:

    John, thanks for the article & insight. Judgment has started in America. If you think it’s bad now, you haven’t seen nothing yet since it’s only going to get worse. People say we need revival……but REPENTANCE must come before revival. All of us that love Christ must continue to pray for our nation, it’s leaders & more importanly…..the Church. May God bless & protect His Remnant!

    • Susan says:

      Yes, judgment is upon us! And the separation of sheeps from the goats has begun. Will you stand with YHWH or stay focused on the false god of patriotism. While we should be supportive of our homeland, too many Christians have put patriotism over their eyes like blinders, only thinking like it’s the home football team that you root for no matter what. Our nation has sinned greatly and fallen far from it’s original Godly beginnings. The Harbinger does a good job displaying that. But to go even further, our CHURCHES have long wandered off the paths of truth of the Word and into the tall weeds of doctrines of man leading entire generations from the truth of YHWH’s Torah. Like celebration of Christmas and Easter, Babylonian Sun God worship with a thin Christian veneer. We were told in the wilderness NOT to worship YHWH in the way the heathen’s worshipped their gods. In other words, don’t apply their practices to the worship of the TRUE God. Christmas trees, Santa, 25th of December, elves, ALL stem from pagan practices. Easter: it is the NAME of a bare breasted fertility goddess! How much clearer does it need to be!? Easter eggs, hot cross buns, ham on the dinner table ALL used in the worship of Tammuz and Semiramis! LONG before the death burial and resurrection of Y’shua! REPENT FROM THESE WICKED WAYS! SUN-DAY sabbath is of Constantine who was a worshipper of Mithras, the Sun-God. 7th day Sabbath observation IS THE SIGN of YHWH’s set apart people. Turn back to the ancient paths and return to our Elohim. THIS is the repentence He seeks from His children. Not the beating of breasts for the mistakes of the past when we lived in darkness of sin. Not for our shortcomings of the flesh. But for the turning to pagan idolatry! Return and repent. Time is short. Shalom

      • admin says:

        Susan, much of what you said is true.
        What I want to bring to your attention is that the Sabbath now is the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and NOT a day.
        The Sabbath pointed us to resting in the Lord Jesus and ceasing from our works.
        Your focus on the day is way off and can easily lead you to become self-righteous rather than Christ-righteous.
        God bless you.

  11. Roxy Ogden says:

    Debra I agree with you. At this point it’s time to spread the gospel to as many as possible while there’s time, and also to pray that hardened hearts will be softened.

  12. Stu says:

    Why does God destroy wide geographical areas? Is He losing his aim with lightning bolts? Are the dead people the worst of the worst or just unlucky? What happened to just turning the sinners/doubters into pillars of salt? Did God get impatient with the slow death by AIDS He invented to kill gays and now is sending bad weather to kill gays, gay-loving sinners, and anyone else that is sinful enough to live near gay people? Why couldn’t God just target the known gay havens like Dupont Circle; is W. Falls Church a secret gay hang out? Maybe God is really punishing gun owners. Is it the rain that falls on the just and unjust, but microbursts falls only on sinners?

  13. Marge says:

    I too, believe that God is judging us, but to just sit back and say that this all is supposed to happen in the last days is not what we are to do. He told us “to occupy until He comes”. I personally believe we need more corporate prayer for our country in these days. Yes, we can pray individually, but I believe having a prayer partner or getting together in groups to prayer, is powerful.

  14. I agree with many thoughts shared, but why do we just pray for believers? It sounds like, thank you Lord for not making me like that publican.