God's Final Warning to America

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  1. Two weeks ago Glenn Beck had a gathering of over 100,000 people at Dallas Stadium called Restoring Love. James Robeson and many of the big pastors spoke and they have realized that they have to speak up, and not be afraid of the Gov. In their hands lies the future of the country, and they haven’t done their job. I pray that it is not too late.

  2. Joyce says:

    I cannot believe that some people, including some of my family members, still say that natural disasters have always been the same, the weather has always been the same, etc. Has the dilusion already started? It’s so frustrating!!!
    God Bless You All!!!

  3. Mrs. CJB says:

    I would just like to request prayer for my prayer partner, Nancy. She prays with me for any and all prayer requests and needs; both our own and those that come up on Brother John’s blog. Her husband of almost 44 years died very suddenly early on Tuesday morning. The prayers are going up and needs are being met as I write this. I praise God and thank anyone here who agrees in prayer for her in advance. A thank you to JONI for your kind words.

  4. Dan .w says:

    Dear Dr./brother John.I just want to thank you for top notch research,and a terriffic web site.I know the truth is getting out there as you and like minded believers help keep us clued in on the latest important news regarding the Bible and what it has to do with us,the world ect.Thank you for being a tireless,faithful servant of the Lord.There is so much info out there..but I know I don’t have to wade through garbage to get the real deal here.You are much needed and cared about in the Body of Christ…Anyone want to Amen that??

  5. Joni says:

    Father in Heaven, I come before you in the name of Jesus, to ask that you provide Your peace to Nancy and her family. We are never ready to lose our family or earthly loved ones, so it surely comes as a shock to us when it happens. I am thankful and greatful that the family rests assured that he is now with Jesus, and the loved ones who went home before him. I specifically ask that you protect Nancy’s health Father. I have come to realize that after we get pelted by death or destruction on this earth, we still pay a severe price for it with the destruction of our formerly good health.
    I ask that you protect her emotions and her immune system Father. She will need extra protection now, until she can resume some sort of normalcy, and even after that, so that this does not destroy her health Father.
    These painful things can wreak havoc on our immune system, I know personally. Please protect her heart too, keep it intact.
    She has been left here, on this earth, without her husband Father, and now she is waiting for you to come and get us, and take us home. We all are waiting. Except for our loved ones and our pets, this world is void of the things our heart desires. Please save our families who are lost and then come and get us and take us all home.
    In Jesus name I ask for this to be done.
    Amen, Joni

    • Peggy says:

      Joni, Nancy is so blessed to have you for a friend. You are a beautiful Christian lady.

      Five years ago my husband passed away, and I could really identify when you said, “She has been left here, on this earth, without her husband, waiting for you to come and get us, and take us home.” Amen and amen.

      I’m 68 years old, and how the world has changed since I was a child. Sometimes I have to wonder if this is still America. It isn’t the one I grew up in.

  6. Dan .w says:

    Father God,please meet her at her greatest need.

  7. Mrs. CJB says:

    Thank you, Joni and Dan and God Bless you. The funeral service for Nancy,s husband was edifying for all of us. The strength that she is showing is a testimony to all who have come alongside of her in deed and prayer.

  8. Dan .w says:

    Glenn Beck,and Mitt Romney have a different Jesus than the one in the Bible.Their belief system doe’s not square with true Biblical Christianity,..They are not an off shoot,but in a false religious system…which by the way..God will not honor nor bless.In mormonism,they are taught that one can become a god…and that Jesus and satan are brothers,ect.The restoring love rally is a deception that the Bible speaks clearly to us about…We are..if we are not careful,losing our ability to discern,the lines can seem blurred,because we may not spend enough time with God or His Word.God shares His glory with no one…especially those of the household of the enemy…i.e.false religion.We need the Holy Spirits help to help us see what is truly of God,[there are many pretenders],and what is of satan….Truly,..we are in the last days….God Bless…Dan.w