God's Final Warning to America

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  1. Jay says:

    Speaking of fires in the news, here are headlines today:

    Colorado Springs Utilities Turns Off Electric and Gas Colorado’s Historic Flying W Ranch Burns to Ground
    Colorado Wildfire Spreads, Threatens Air Force Academy
    Ft. Carson Opening Up Shelters to USAFA
    Mandatory Evacuation Map
    Gusty Storms Threaten Massive Colorado Wildfire
    Map of Colorado Fires and Important Local Areasease designate gifts for the Waldo Canyon Fire)
    Flagstaff Fire: 2,400 Pre-evacuation Orders for South Boulder
    Montana: Governor Issues Executive Emergency Order as Fires Erupt Across State
    Montana: Homes Destroyed, More Than 200 Homes Evacuated
    Utah: County Sheriff – One Dead in Utah’s Wood Hollow Fire, Fairview to be Evacuated Alaska: Lightning Contributes to Spread of Wildfires in Interior
    Alaska: 13 New Fires as of SundayArizona: 2 New Wildfires Burning in S. Arizona
    Nevada: State Gets C- for Fire Safety
    New Mexico: One of the Worst Wildfires in State’s History Scorches 44,000 Acres, Destroys 254 Structures
    Arkansas: Fire Danger Picking Up in State
    Alabama: In Last 7 Days, 57 Fires Have Burned 684 Acres Statewide
    Aided by Heat, Wildfires’ Toll Reaches Almost 1.4 Million Acres
    Heatwave Breaking All-Time Records Across the Plains Will Shift into Midwest and East

    God bless.

  2. Sanyo says:

    This is right on. I also think that the evacuation here in the USA is because the jews are being evacuated from Gaza

  3. Kathy says:

    We are living in a very sad day. Makes me sick to see Colorado burning up. Having been there, and enjoyed the area, I can’t fathome what it will look like in the future. Thank GOD my son moved from there, and though he is overseas, at least I don’t have to worry about him losing his home, which he would have.

  4. biblegrrl says:

    Horrifying to watch! I was struck by the Bible readings I had this morning, 2 Sam. 21 and Hosea 1. In both cases, sin had to be punished and the people who suffered were not necessarily the perpetrators. We often hear disaster victims speak of God’s goodness, faith, prayer. But America is a sinful nation whose time has come and we will all suffer for it. People who understand that God is holy are vilified and mocked. That doesn’t change the fact that He is. Would Jesus have given that drastic illustration about gouging out the eye that causes you to sin or cutting off the hand that causes you to sin if sin were not SERIOUS? But more and more even the church has made peace with this killer and destroyer of mankind. We need national repentence!!!

  5. sdavis says:

    @ Sanyo, did you mean Ulpana in the West Bank? Also, earlier this month they were evacuated from Lifta, Shalem, Summayl and other villages. I was thinking the same thing when I read how so many places here were being evacuated. I wonder if anyone in our gov’t was behind the scenes pushing for these evacuations. I am including links to a couple of stories. God bless!



  6. Jay says:

    So with Fukushima there has been a ruining of the fish/seafood in the Pacific, and two years ago the Macondo/Deepwater Horizon spill and dispersants ruined the Gulf fish/seafood (and still is the case today).
    Judgments are starting to pile up and notably remove food sources.

  7. Jay says:


    “Disturbing numbers” of mutated fish are appearing in the Gulf. Scientists and fishermen are pointing to the BP oil spill, the dispersants and chemicals used in its cleanup as the cause of these deformities which include shrimp born without eyes, fish with lesions, fish with oozing sores and, according to a local fisher-woman, “We are also finding eyeless crabs, crabs with their shells soft instead of hard, full grown crabs that are one-fifth their normal size, clawless crabs, and crabs with shells that don’t have their usual spikes … they look like they’ve been burned off by chemicals”. The dispersants are known to be mutagenic.[31] In Barataria Bay, LA, one of the most heavily oiled areas, 50 percent of shrimp were found lacking eyes and eye sockets.[288] Another lifelong fisher-woman reported seeing “fish without covers over their gills and others with large pink masses hanging off their eyes and gills”.[289]

    Prior to the spill, only 1/10 of 1 percent of Gulf fish had lesions or sores. Today, many locations showed between 20–50 percent of fish with lesions, according to the University of South Florida.

    Dr. Jim Cowan of NOAA believes polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), released from BP’s submerged oil, are likely the cause of mutations he is finding since the spill. “There’s no other thing we can use to explain this phenomenon. We’ve never seen anything like this before.”[31]

    According to marine biologist Riki Ott, “The dispersants used in BP’s draconian experiment contain solvents, such as petroleum distillates and 2-butoxyethanol. Solvents dissolve oil, grease, and rubber. It should be no surprise that solvents are also notoriously toxic to people, something the medical community has long known”.[289]”