Hard Left: Direct Attack To Totally Destroy American Culture

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  1. dan.w says:

    The left is reading and using communist tactics from at least one manual.Their ‘biggie’ is…do something to yourself,then accuse your opposition of the very thing you did.They call out the press,[they are sold out to them]..to cover the ‘story’.It’s all a lie..from beginning to end.White college kids[generation braindead] are now fellow footsoldiers in their own country’s demise.dead from the neck up.So much for edumacation.It’s all fuzzy math from here on in.They are the party of KKK and brownshirt democratic socialists,yet call us that.Total mental insanity.Now you know what the Jews were up against.We can’t make the same fatal mistake of waiting for our ‘fate’ to be delivered to us.

  2. dan.w says:

    The globalists want us to descend into civil war.So do the other countries who hate us…then they can just walk in and take it.Watch for the U.N. to try and make some moves.Blue helmets will shoot us with no thought whatsoever…peacekeepers my butt.In all of this,trust Christ,our only hope…perhaps yet…even at this late hour in our history..the tide will turn again for good and for God.

  3. dan.w says:

    Watching today’s headlines is like seeing a Psalm 2 prelude.The heathen are raging,they are vain in their imagination,they do set themselves against the Lord and His annointed,They do want to cast the cords of God’s law and God’s truth from them.From all quarters..united in hate.Race is a ruse.You can’t have it both ways.When some hyphenates their identity,they set themselves above every one.Sounds racist to me.Democrats are the slave owners,yet get the vote.Gimme stuff…gimme free stuff.Sorry,but that insults hard working clear thinking black people who are second to no one regardless of background.Democrat is really communism.Take from the hard worker,the good citizen..and ‘give it’ to the lazy,evil who could care less crowd.I don’t care what you look like on the outside.I don’t see color like the liberals do…It’s black this,white that…you know… evolution.Evolution suggests a pecking order..and that is racist on it’s face.God made kinds,nations,people groups,tongues…and these are all equal before God.There are really only two groups of people….Saved and lost.Saved ones usually build,lost ones usually destroy.Which ones do you see the protesters and rioters fitting in to?

  4. Henry says:

    We are involved in a battle for hearts, minds and souls.
    This social justice revolution is changing the focus and content of the Gospel message. It is offering another gospel, a false gospel and a false mission, plainly derived from Liberation theology (which is nothing more than Marxism wrapped up in religious terminology), Black theology (which is also Marxism, with racism added in), along with Animism (which depersonalizes evil and sees evil in things and systems, rather than personal responsibility).
    None of this is Biblical Theology.
    Race politics is not Biblical.
    The problem is not skin, it is sin.
    It is not race, but grace that is the solution.


    Stand Firm
    Those who kneel to God can stand before any man.
    We are to fear God, not man.
    We are to obey the Bible, not follow the mob.
    The Bible teaches the total depravity of man.
    The holiness of God alone.
    There is only one way of Salvation.
    Scripture alone is our ultimate authority.
    Everything should be done to the glory of God alone.

    Victimisation, Resentment, Riot and Revolution
    Yet, Black Lives Matter teaches Cultural Marxism’s Critical Race Theory, which denies personal responsibility and teaches that some races are good and others evil.
    They teach a false gospel of victimisation, resentment, riot and revolution.
    Black Lives Matter is a new religious cult, supported by many in the Main Stream Media and many politicians, who see them as a useful tool to bring about the New World Order of Globalisation.

    Victimisation Degrades and Destroys Those Who Accept It
    Black Americans such as Dr. Ben Carson, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell have warned that the Cultural Marxism Critical Race Theory narrative of victimhood is destructive to those who believe it. It becomes an insidious snare that steals hope and replaces it with hopelessness.
    It takes away vision and replaces it with victimhood.
    It discourages repentance and incites resentment.
    It degrades a person’s psychology and gives them a sense of helplessness, instead of hope and healing.
    It leads to tragedy, rather than triumph.
    It takes away the will of those who would break out of their drug addiction, or alcohol habit, providing those who see themselves as victims with excuses not to repent and reform, but to rather riot and resent.

    God Resists the Proud but He Gives Grace to the Humble
    Our Lord Jesus Christ was merciful to the repentant sinner, but condemned the self-righteous hypocrites.
    The worst thing you can possibly do to anyone is to give them a sense of victimhood, to take away their sense of personal responsibility and get them to play the blame game where nothing is their fault, but always the fault of someone else.
    The false gospel of victimisation cripples the heart, mind and soul of those who accept and believe it.
    One of the greatest truths any one of us can learn is that we are our own worst enemy.
    Blaming others will not help us improve our life.
    The issue is not race; it is grace.


    Henry Morton Stanley school of Christian journalism

  5. dan.w says:

    Amen to the whole of the last post.God bless you.

  6. dan.w says:

    The blame game is a game lost masses play.For those who stick close to the Lord,personal responsibility should be in our spiritual DNA.Adam blamed God..It was the woman [YOU] gave me..at the same time blaming his own wife,She in turn blamed the serpent…the serpent probably was looking for someone else to blame,and found none.Each paid a heavy price,save God…who paid the ultimate price…His Son.Jesus can get get us out of the endless cycle of blameshifting.One of Heaven’s key’s…that move the hand of God…is to humbly accept responsibilty of our person.It put’s us in a usable position for the Lord to continue His Great plan of the ages in our lives and in the lives of others…..All Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.