Hard Left in Military (Part 3)

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  1. Craig says:

    I cannot add anything further to your estute comments. But I can only say that this individual suffers from a mental problem of an alternate reality devised in his own mind. It is a shame that West Point would allow someone to espouse this rhetoric. Freedom of speech is one thing. Is to tolerate treasonus teachings in a classroom full of impressionable students is yet another. A teacher should be held accountable.


  2. Tom says:

    When I first read Major Stuckert’s thesis STRATEGIC IMPLICATIONS OF AMERICAN MINIMALISM two years ago I wasn’t overly impressed nor was I particularly alarmed.

    I wasn’t impressed because instead of developing a rock-solid discernible theory with facts-based evidence that a reviewer could use as a basis of honest academic critique, he instead goes on a length highly-biased diatribe attacking and criticizing Americans, Christianity, and the very institutions of which he was sworn to uphold, defend, and protect. I found his writing-style to be choppy and in-congruent to the extent that the only real postulation that he made was boldly, if not arrogant expressions of disdain for Americanism. Quite frankly, I don’t even recall seeing a proper executive summary.

    Despite his anti-Americanism ranting, I wasn’t particularly alarmed because out of the hundreds of yearly graduates from the SCHOOL OF ADVANCED MILITARY STUDIES (SAMS), there is bound to be the occasional pro-radical reform writer and thinker. It is this type of rare-bird that usually finds their career in jeopardy after they find themselves ostracized and marginalized for being proponents of such outrageous views. Unfortunately, this type of behavior can at times be expected since there is a continuous rotation of students and cadre of which the laws of averages dictates that on occasion someone with a divergent, if not twisted view of the world will make his or her presence known. Furthermore, I also wasn’t particularly alarmed because Major Stuckert’s so-called thesis in no -way-what-so-ever represented conventional wisdom or official military policy. My initial impression is that one of questionable academic credentials decided to write a salacious theory to perhaps stir-up controversy as the Liberal-minded are often want to do.

    What does cause me some alarm, however, is that Major Stuckert’s mentor and confidant LTC Challans was actually teaching or should I say promulgating to thousands of students “AMERICA IS THE PROBLEM MENTALITY” and how readily and unquestioning those radical views were accepted. This is especially troubling since LTC Challans is the primary author of FM 22-100 ARMY LEADERSHIP MANUAL (1999). That same year the US ARMY held a Symposium of high-ranking Officers to discuss possible actions AGAINST US Citizens in case of civil unrest caused by the impending Y2K scare. Every topic was on the table from imprisonment to Shoot to Kill orders. The meeting went on the same premise that LTC Challans purports of Americans being the problem, with the overall feeling of an Amway multi-level marketing sales pitch designed to get everyone hyped-up and in agreement for what was to come.

    To me it is painfully obvious that LTC Challans and Major Stuckert do not have a background in Western Intellectual Thought, American History, or an understanding of historiography, Global Political Theory, or the Rule of the consent. Both probably have not read or totally dismiss the works of Herodotus or Aristotle’s NICOMACHEAN ETHICS, or the US Constitution, let alone THE HOLY BIBLE and it’s positive influence on the development American society and culture.

    It is even more painfully obvious that LTC Challans has inculcated thousands of potential leaders with Far-Eastern Philosophies that subjugate the masses to self-appointed “enlightened” self-righteous few while elevating nature, natural law, and America’s enemies from a mythical superstitious viewpoint all under the guise of reason and delusional self-defined ethics.

    Already we see the seeds of discord and revolution from LTC Challans and Maj Stuckert’s borderline seditious and treasonous radicalism. In 2010 General Petraeus spoke before the Armed Services Committee stating that the military is seeing record numbers of troops disobeying orders, questioning orders, or second guessing orders.

    If “AMERICA IS THE PROBLEM” viewpoint is allowed to fester and become ingrained in military policy and thought, one has to wonder what the real intended and unintended consequences will be as America continues to be embroiled in various conflicts around the world.

    In His Service,

  3. jereme says:

    i know that the governement has been messing around with this sort of thing for years , and it doesn’t surprise me one bit . man alwalys seeks to dominate and control each other , no real secret , we’ve been doing it since the beginning of time. we have to see who’s in power here , and what’s relly going on behind the scenes in not on our supposed government , but all of theme as a whole all of this calamity in world’s economic system is nothing but a clear setup for the establishment of a one world government . so people think that we’re all nuts to even say such a thing but , it’s going to happen , regardless what happens in the elections here or anywhere . When the big hammer falls , i would say good luck with taking america by any force , there will be civil war here , unlike any other country has seen . you all think all of our military personel will fall in line for this ? do you think that all law enforcement will fall in line ? As far as the citizenry is concerned , who all has weapons and how much ? The government can’t know all of it . I know i’m probably on some list for being a gun owner , whoopie ! I just refer to what my true master and king says , ” don’t fear him who can kill the body , but fear he who can throw both body and spirit into etrenal damnation.” that might be it word for word but do you get what i mean . kill me fine , and I’ll refer to a line from star wars ” you can kill me , but when you do i ll become more powerful than you can ever imagine .” amen to all of my brothers and sisters in christ , love you , and see you there .