Hard Left Infiltrating Real Christianity

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  1. dan.w says:

    The hard left infiltrated ‘churches’..long ago.When much of Germany was singing louder when the death trains rolled by..so they couldn’t hear the crying from the Jews..the left was there.When Margret Sanger stated’planned murderhood’..the left again was there.In the 1860’s,’the left’ here in America fought to keep slavery alive,the republicans..most of them opposed it.God bless president Lincoln.We have another slavery going on.It’s slavery of the mind.The left has most school’s,news sources,area’s of influence on society.The steady diet of subliminal and not too subtle programming go’s on 24/7..non-stop.People don’t even know they’ve been indoctrinated/in trance like state.They will follow their master’s.We are their enemy.Their purpose is to silence us to the point of death.Manchurian candidate is real.Now,the average ‘church’has been taken over by communist ideology,psychology,new age,kingdom now,higher critic school stuff,and homosexuals/islam.Anything go’s but truth.Much of evangelicalism was hijacked for the prior mentioned group’s.These are cloud’s with no rain,sheeple,[goats] with a wolf shepard.The rapture is close because the devil is already trying to corner us to oblivion.God bless all you living saints…the dead ones…never mind.

  2. dan.w says:

    The ‘deep state’ is alive and fully functioning.I pray our president say’s..You’re all done with your phony investigation..now off to jail you go Hellery,zipper Bill,Barry Soetoro,Meuller,Maxine Watered down,and all the other ‘ilk…ites’. Whitewayter..clintonbodycount..Bengazi…uranium deals…These are treasonist and the ‘perps’…need to do a ‘perp walk’.