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  1. Terry says:

    Mr McTernan,
    I have been taking Vit D3 for a couple of years, however when I read of the health benefits on your website I began “boosting” my intake to 10,000 – 12,000 units/day. My doctor ordered a bone density scan fall of last year (prior to me boosting my D3 intake) & was alarmed at my bone loss….in height, I lost 1/2″! She request I begin taking Vit D3 & high levels of Calcium. I have yet to fine a Calcium supplement that I can take without side effects, but I did increase my D3 after reading your articles.

    Last week my physician ordered another bone density scan. I received a phone call the next day, which was almost concerning to me. Quite the contrary! My test showed improvement & I was instructed to continue my regiment! I have to say, this personal experience made a believer out of me! I can personally recommend D3 to my friends & have the data to back up my claim!

    Thanks for your help!


    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I am going to post this on my next health update.
      I am so delighted that you were helped physically.

  2. Nancy Johnson-Kusel says:

    Mr. Mcternan,

    I have been taking D3 for awhile at a high dosage. I believe D23 made me extremely constipated.. So I am going to quit taking D3 until this constipation is correct. Comments, suggestions?


    • JohnMcTernan says:

      What is extremely high dosage?
      What is the base of the D3 you are taking is it plant?
      Stop and see what happens.

  3. Natalie Weisfield says:

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