Hezbollah said to mobilize after top commander killed in strike

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  1. Irene C says:

    The state of Ohio is one of the remaining pillars defining marriage between and a man and a woman but that pillar is beginning to crumble also. However, I will be watching carefully the timing of the Supreme Court’s actions concerning same-sex marraige. I work with a network of weather related people so it does not come as a surprise to me that April is also the the height of severe storm season for the United states and that the season normally ends sometime in June. This could end up becoming a disasterous storm season. Brothers and sisters, it is time to pray for those who are still undecided about Jesus, that they realize their need for a Savior before it’s too late.

    That being said, I am ready to go Home. Maranatha

  2. Melany says:

    I expect the state-by-state approach to homosexual fake marriage is going too slow for the powers that be. Let’s just have it forced on America in one fell swoop. Accelerate things. And that’s what I’m seeing – acceleration. Israel, Russia, islamic terror, anxiety in people’s lives that is spilling over. I went to see “American Sniper” last night. Theater was packed. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to be with like-minded people. Patriots. Then I looked around me and wondered,…how many here know Yeshua as their Savior? How many are putting all their faith in Him alone? Our world is definitely about to be changed and how many are ready for this? How many know where their true HOPE lies? I still have one son who is on the fence about accepting Yeshua as his Savior. I can do nothing; God can do everything. Keep praying. Don’t let a day go by without looking up. Look up even in your dreams, because the Son of Man is coming at a time you do not expect. Prepare for your households and then take your hand off everything and let go. I, too, am very ready to go Home.

  3. Dan.w says:

    I know at first this may seem not to apply to the above story,bear with me.Today should be not MLK day,but adulterers and adulteresses day.How so?Well,not known to everyone,but the FBI knew.was that MLK was a serial adulterer.Not only with those in his congregation,but his many [conquests] on the road.This is all public record.He was wiretapped and heard to say.I’m F****ing for God!,at one of his orgies.Sorry for being so brash,but that is how it really was.What was even more shocking than that though was when I read responses from the public.Many said ‘who cares!’,he did a lot for the cause.Excuse me,but I remember a lot of race talk.God see’s one race,the human race.When we talk races,what we do without realizing it is in a way validating to some degree evolution.Just so people know ‘I’m not a racist about MLK,JFK was his equal in the not too nice dept.While all this was swimming about my head,the Lord brought to my mind the difference between me and MLK,and anyone else.He got found out.Even if we just think on sin,it is as if we partook in it.Jesus pointed that out.The ground at the Cross was level.We all need a Savior.Pray that the Lord will keep us a pure bride,awaiting His very soon return.Let us also not put a mere man,whomever he may be,on a pedestal.Only Christ is high and lifted up.Let us look to Him alone for all we need…God bless you all,Dan.w

  4. Barbara in VA says:

    Irene and Melany: Thank you for your comments! It seems that most everyone who comments here is definitely “on the same page”. I, too, am very ready to go Home. Sometimes I think it is my age that makes me more ready than maybe those who are much younger and I have to remind myself that may be the case when the younger generations seem to be just going along like everything is the same. They don’t see the dangers ahead and are so unprepared, especially spiritually!

    Somehow, when I read the news (online), I wonder how anyone cannot see what we are facing. And it seems like it is coming so fast. And most upsetting is that they don’t seem to see or care about the evil that is taking over here–the homosexual agenda, more and more acceptance of abortion, and politically creeping Marxism.

    Praise God for the Blessed Hope, and for the promises in Psalm 91.

    Today I was looking for a scripture in Bible Gateway and their verse of the day brought back some memories. My husband used to use Bible verses when he wanted to get a point across to our children and even when they were grown, married with their own children, he continued to do so. He didn’t preach to them, he just slipped in certain verses when they were appropriate. One that he used frequently was today’s verse (it is one we should definitely keep in mind as we meet and interact with others):

    Luke 6:31 (KJV)
    And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.


  5. Dan.w says:

    Brother John.Thanks for everything you do here.I was wondering.how successful do you believe the U.S. will be in beating islam,when we have a two term muslim in office,hardcore libs who adore him,and an apathetic/false christianity who helped install him,and we as Americans,refuse to identify the enemy?If we do win the war against islam,will the Lord finally take us,[the U.S.] to task?It seems as history shows,we may be the whip for now,but the Lord usually destroys the whip when He finishes with it.Please give me your best take on all this.I respect your insight on all things prophetic,your friend/brother,Dan.w

  6. Lori says:

    I’ve been wanting to comment on this for a couple of days, but the words seemed hard to come to me. But I will just try the best I can! This homosexual push has really gotten to me, I think it because it all around me and it’s hard to know when someone will get in your face about it, I will never back down on my belief that God says it’s wrong….PERIOD! I’m generally a nice person who doesn’t like to ruffle a person’s feathers, but if I get asked about my thoughts on it I will surely stand on God’s word. It’s when people all around me are talking like it’s ok, and many times I won’t say anything….I actually wish they would ask me, because then I would tell them exactly what’s wrong about it….it’s sin plain and simple, just like any other sexual immorality! I always go to Romans chapter 1 when I want to reference what God says about this, because for one thing it’s in the New Testament and it’s just so powerful! Thank you all who commented, I am inspired and helped very much for your words, Lord bless you all.

  7. Dan.w says:

    The push to ‘normalize’ all things wicked is meant to wear us down.Do not let it happen.I too,have seen an explosion of all things deviant,and it breaks my heart.Remember,at one time we may not have been as sensitive to these subjects as we are now,but the Lord is leading us,and as we spend more time with Him,we become more like Him,in all ways.We lose our ‘taste’ for the world and it’s snare’s that accompany them.Christ is not mocked,and He don’t want us fooled.God bless all of you for standing firm for truth amidst a tidal wave of garbage but called something else.We are so close to the finish line.Dan.w

  8. Loretta says:

    Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of
    the thoughts of his heart was only
    evil continually.

    Doesn’t that sound like it could be todays headlines.
    But Jesus said,
    Matt. 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    Look up! READY — SET — soon we’ll GO!
    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ