“HIGH TREASON: NY Times Reveals Formation of Active FBI Coup Against President Trump Based on Outlandish Rumors”

2 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..thank You for exposing some of the evil ‘players’ against all who love this country.Now that they are out in the open..bring them Your justice.Let real justice have it’s day,or else people who want to do good will have their hope’s dashed..and they might quit trying.Comey,Clintons,Mule’hair’..they need to get a cell.Also the other’s too..the sellout’s,like ‘Barry’,the Bush’s..one worlder traitor’s…the lot of them.

  2. dan.w says:

    The shadow govt.,or deep state,illuminati have been at work continually.They ‘own’ a huge amount of democrat/republican party..That is why president Trump is experiencing resistance such as was never seen in my lifetime.It isn’t so much a party affiliation,as a worldview.’They’ are entrenched in every government,at every level.’They’ belong to secret societie’s which are continually excersizing [their plan] to overthrow nations,and,through chao’s,music,media,and repetition of mantra like phrases,hypnosis is induced,relegating the ‘subject’s,unable to critically think,or reason.We are then ‘herded’through previously thought out path way’s…to an outcome that has been pre-determined.Gobal government,one world leader,one currency,and paganism…until the horned one demand’s all worship redirected to him,[it].