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  1. Gary says:

    Pastor Miller was convicted by a jury, not just some liberal judge. John is right that Vermont is no longer safe for Christians. It seems to me that the war between good and evil is accelerating rapidly. I am very angry at what I see happening in America. We indeed live in perilous times.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Praise Pastor Kenneth Miller. I firmly believe NO child should be raised by homosexuals.

  3. We need to do some serious praying for Pastor Miller and also for Lisa Miller and her daughter that God will protect and strengthen the Pastor and that He will protect and continue to hide Lisa and her daughter.


  4. Ginger says:

    Don’t you just love that smile on Pastor Miller’s face?! Yes, indeed, victory in the Blood!

  5. Dan .w says:

    Father God…Please keep mother and child safe,hid in your hands..and let the enemies plans boomerang on their own heads….Dan.w

  6. It appears that the homosexual movement is what will test Pastors and churches and will prove who is of the truth standing for righteousness and who will cave to the culture. Praying that God will protect Pastor Miller and those who stand with him.

  7. SMead says:

    God bless Pastor Miller and Lisa Miller and the child. It takes courage a lot of times to do the right thing and they did. I cannot understand why the lesbian wanted the child since the child belongs to Lisa and they are no longer together. Probably just wanting to inflict misery on Lisa for her denouncing lesbian lifestyle. You go Lisa and have a happy and spirit filled life wherever you go and whatever you do. My prayers are with you all.

  8. Robert says:

    This Pastor did what he should have done when faced with a corrupt group of people. You must defend what is right and avoid what is wrong even if you get punished for it you know you did right and will be rewarded by God. I say God Bless Pastor Miller!!!!

  9. Kim says:

    I am all about turning away from your sin and going towards a more Godly life. But the other persons’ name is not Lesbian. She must have a name too. Instead of bashing her, why don’t you show love and pray, otherwise you are as bad as the protesters that you are protesting about. We have peoples hearts breaking and all we can do is say YEAHHHH we won and lets baste in our victory. Show mercy and compassion as Jesus did for you. Lisa wherever you may be I want you to be in peace with yourself and with GOD and I will be praying for not only your and your child’s well-being but also for your ex-partners too. Go in peace. Praise GOD in everything you do.

    • admin says:

      Kim, I cannot let this go by without responding.
      I called her a lesbian because this is what this incident is all about.
      If you read the entire article, you will see I did use her name: “This was not Janet Jenkins’ child. This lesbian tried to use the law to steal the child from the natural mother. I hope Jenkins never again sees this child.”
      She is not ashamed of her sin, but went to court, with her lesbianism, to try and destroy a mother and child.
      You also mention: “I am all about turning away from your sin and going towards a more Godly life.”
      Are you trying to drag me into this by saying “your sin”. This has nothing to do about “my sin” but all about a lesbian trying to use her lesbianism to destroy a mother and innocent child.
      I see you saying I was bashing the lesbian. If someone called me a heterosexual could that ever be bashing? No!
      I think that you are very confused about telling the truth and mercy and compassion.
      What I discern from your comment, is that you would not have the courage to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and confront a lesbian like Jenkins about the eternal judgment she faces for living in such sin.
      If that is the case, you are not showing mercy and compassion. I hope that I am wrong about you.

  10. Bea K. says:

    Good for him and may the Lord continue to cover and bless him and that mother and daughter too. Pray for them as they Will ALL need it, the Word of God (book of Revelation) is coming together so quickly, and the world is passing away more and more.

  11. june says:

    I remember hearing on christian radio about 25 years ago while I was raising my children, that the gay and lesbian people were saying we want your sons and daughters, is this what we allowed to happen in America with our attitude of not confronting sin as sin?

  12. God bless Ps.Miller and your family and also the mother who dares to go back to the right path and take a stand for Jesus, the only Way. I pray that our Almighty God will show her the safe road for her and her daughter to go and will protect them. I am thanking all the people who are standing for the Truth… Jesus loves you all.,

  13. Praise be to GOD for people who are willing in the face of persecution to stand firm on there principles. I pray to GOD that I too will do just that. If GOD be for us who can stand against us.