Hope for America?

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  1. Barbara in VA says:

    Thank you John for posting that video! It brought tears of joy to my eyes! PTL


  2. Joe says:

    Finally, some good news I love it, thank you, John

  3. jill says:

    I actually cried when this showed up on my Facebook, my husband came in to watch and I swear there was a tear on his cheek too. Then with Allen West saying it takes religion to fight a religion, I became acutely aware we battle not against flesh and blood. This video inspired me to pray as the battle is truly in the spirit.

  4. Mary :) says:

    Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed; Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD. For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
    Isaiah10:1 Jeremiah23:11 Peter4:17
    Rejoice when men stand for the Gospel, if we do not take a stand for righteousness the wicked prevail.. speak the truth in LOVE because the wicked are abundant and like a roaring lion they seek to destroy the Gospel.. without GOD in our military for strength and protection we are weak..
    I prey that the people of God will rise up and refuse to shut up, until our God given right to serve him OPENLY is not denied. GOD BLESS 🙂

  5. 2tugjug says:

    Any hope would only come after a 3rd awakening. God bless the Marines, yes! To kind of get a feel of whats going on one might go to Veteran’s Today, most see threw what Ba’al is doing.
    Hal Lindsey recent show seemed to lay it out how it may soon be here in the States. I’ve wondered just how much persecution (by man via devil) it might take to truly wake up the church here?! Most likely their may be more wolves than sheep, turn coat’s may out number us.
    I truly believe Jesus will call us Home soon before His wrath of 7 years can really get under way. I also know some covenants were made (Men to God) like the Mayflower Compact & 1607 John Smith etc and basically we’ve been a God fearing nation up until the recent generations. Will this allow God’s mercy to us (church) as a nation?

    note; I believe the reason why a ‘letter’ was changed in IS1S to ISiL was only because the new beast tech coming out like that of T mobile, vorison, att etc, no other, it’s all unfolding before our eye’s.

    *How awesome it will be when He says, come up now!

  6. Kevin says:

    This is an ABSOLUTE BLAST! May GOD bless these boys!

  7. Arlene V. Klocek says:

    Praise Our Lord. God bless Our Military ! He is ultimately in control.
    Psalm 68:1 “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.
    So sad these reprobate minds and their ideology is so skewed, they don ‘t
    realize they will wind up in HELL. Not getting 70 virgins. It’s the lies of the Enemy. May the churches wake up and PRAY!!!
    ARLENE V. K.

  8. Jackie says:

    May God watch and keep these young soldiers safe! They are the heros… Standing in the gap for us! God of Heaven and earth, Jehovah God protect, guide and be with our military as they go forward. We pray especially for those as they battle the obvious enemy and the enemy here at home!
    John thank you for this video. I hope it is moved across the nation at a rapid pace.

  9. Denise says:

    Thank you for posting this! It was such a breath of fresh air to see our Lord and God moving through these mighty soldiers! It gives me great pleasure to see the enemy and his minions flee in all directions when the Saints of the most high God praise Him for all He is!!
    In Christ,

  10. Barbara in VA says:

    Hi: I would like to speak to comment #5–2tugjug’s statement “note; I believe the reason why a ‘letter’ was changed in IS1S to ISiL was only because the new beast tech coming out…..”

    I’m sure that many of you already know this, but I think it is extremely important for those who are not aware that ISIL is a very deliberate spelling! In fact, our nation’s “leader” uses ISIL whenever he is referring to this “group” and for a reason. If you look at a map showing the area that ISIL is concerned about, you will note that it is pretty much the exact piece of real estate that God promised to Abraham!

    For those of you who are scratching your heads about that, I would suggest that you watch this video where Pastor JD Farag shows maps and explains very clearly the importance of this piece of land and the significance of ISIL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B187-4ptLHE&list=UUkz3m787ygph7Uvjxzngl-g&index=5 The information about the ISIL map starts at about minute 11:00.

    God bless everyone! Maranatha!

  11. Loretta says:

    PRAISE the Lord!!!! I have to agree, I could not hold the tears back when I saw this. God Bless you John for sharing this. We needed that.

    AND on the flip side here is JD Farag with the truth on our leaders:

    To all of my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, May God bless each and every one of you with wisdom, direction, and protection.
    Soon! We’re going home.

  12. Dan.w says:

    Thank you Jesus for all my friends/family here.You are loved by the Lord and by me,God bless all of you.

  13. Ruth says:

    I must have watched this at least twenty times since I saw it on Olive Tree Ministries Saturday night. It filled my soul with the greatest joy to know there were soldiers who were not afraid to praise God with all their hearts. I have been inspired to pray fervently for our armed forces. May God pour out His Spirit upon them and raise up a standard against the enemy’s work. He has said that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (the church). How fitting that this picture of strength would come to us from our soldiers. I was reminded of David unashamedly praising God after battle. We really need to pray for our men in uniform. God can do amazing things even in a dying America. May God be glorified in these last days even with our last breath.

  14. Gary B says:

    I’m wondering why these Marines would choose to serve a Commander-in-Chief who hates God and promotes homosexuals??? I’m wondering why anyone would join an organization (the US Military) that openly and proudly promotes homosexuality and discourages Christianity???

    I have three nephews who are of military service age, and their father (my brother) would NEVER permit any of them to consider joining any branch of the US Military. Neither would they submit to being drafted, if the draft is implemented.

  15. Lori says:

    Barbara in VA, I watched the video link you posted, it was very insightful and I plan on listening to more of his sermons. Thanks so much for posting!

  16. Debbie H. says:

    Awesome!!!!!! As a Mom on one who is serving our country, I want everyone to know there are many, many more in our military who love the Lord and are Praising and Serving Him! May the Lord God continue to Bless and Protect our Troops!!!