How to Hear From God

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  1. Barbara in VA says:

    John! What a powerful teaching! Thank you!


  2. Francis says:

    Very good, beautiful teaching, thank you.

  3. Lori says:

    This is an excellent message!! Lord bless you John, and all who come here to this blog!

  4. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! The whole world, especially our nation, needs to read this lesson concerning Abraham and Lot. What an anointed, immaculate contrast of these two men! This message settles in the spirit and in the bones.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I am so blessed that the message means so much to you.
      The contrast is there for all to see.

  5. Julia says:

    Great Analogy John! Both men of righteousness,yet Lot chose what his eyes could see….the world and deceitfulness of riches that gain is Godliness(1 Timothy 6:15).While Abraham saw God everywhere which allowed him to say to Lot pick where you want to go and I’ll take the opposite direction,for he knew God’s Blessing was on his life and that contentment would be with him wherever he was.(1 Timothy 6:6-8).No one knows the Heart like God.God’s Blessing IS Upon This Ministry.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Good connection with 1 Tim 6.
      I am delighted that this teaching was such a blessing to you,

  6. Judy Haught says:

    Wow. What an excellent article. Powerful reminder of why we must
    not fall into the sins of accepting or being a part of an ungodly lifestyle.
    Thank you so much for speaking truth.

  7. Lorraine Phillips says:

    Great teaching! So very true. Thank you!

  8. Jenny says:

    Thank you, Brother! That was awesome!

    My prayer for me and my family…”Bind my wandering heart to Thee.”

  9. sav77ior says:

    John, all I can say is this account of These cities sounds just like America, even the church people do not want to here about the judgement of God, yes God is love and if you do not accept God judgement on the cross for your sins the entire wrath of God will come down on your neck, the most inportant thing is to know is that your sins are forgiven.

  10. Nancy says:

    What a great blessing to start out the day!
    I was reading before I got on line in I Kings13 two men of God hearing His voice one obedient and the other disobedient!

  11. Melany says:

    Thank you!

  12. Steve says:

    Great teaching John,
    I remember reading about Lot offering his daughters to the mob at his door to protect his guests and thinking what a strange thing to do.
    Now I see the same thing happening in our nation. A large percentage of the youth in our nation think that every sexual sin is OK and a high percentage of people living the homosexual lifestyle seek out children as partners. We as a nation have largely given over our children to the Sodomites and the lies they teach about their lifestyle being natural, and the new normal.

  13. Loretta says:

    Wow – John what a great teaching/sermon for each and every one of us. …telling us to Chose this day whom you will serve….. our choice! Gods way…………or not.
    Thank you and May God direct and Bless your every step.

  14. dan .w says:

    Brother John,I was wondering…if you might consider making the Abraham/Lot comparison into a tract in the near future..It seems very applicable to the church,individual believers,and our nation.God bless this annointed work.I also mailed out today for my 50 prophecy packs.You ministry is what we really need…Thanks again,Dan.w

  15. Montina says:

    This teaching answered my prayers that I just prayed this morning! I thought I was NOT hearing from God correctly and was just “questioning” Him in regards to this exact thing – Sodom and Gomorrah and America having the same fate! Always in awe of His sovereignty and that He led me to this blog because now it makes sense and explains the ‘two believers’ and why others did not receive message….. I KNEW I WAS HEARING HIM!! God bless and keep you in the coming days and thank you for sharing this awesome teaching!!

  16. Scott Richardson says:

    Excellent commentary!

  17. Scarlet Ann Grey says:

    wOw! Fantastic article!

    My 5 year old daughter will be starting K this fall. It has been our plan since birth to homeschool her, but as the time approaches, both my husband and I are getting cold feet. I am also the breadwinner of the family, and will have to quit my job.

    This article was a great re-inforcement for all the reasons why we wanted to homeschool in the first place. Truly, this was an answer to my prayers for encouragement!

  18. Irene C says:

    This was a well-timed commentary for me. I have been on very limited funds since resigning from my last job. One of my biggest battles is coveting “things” of this world. Not the really big things or riches, but things like taking a vacation, a computer that works well, a vehicle that I don’t have to pray starts every day. Things most people think nothing about. God bless you Brother John for these encouraging words. I know that the riches our Lord has prepared for us is greater that anything I can imagine here.

    And now that DOMA has been ruled unconstitutional, judgement is coming to our land. Our Bridegroom is coming soon for His Bride. Hallelujah and Maranatha!

  19. Cynthia says:

    POWERFUL! I am going to read this again with the rest of my family. Thank you for taking such great care and time to share this with all of us.

  20. Pamela says:

    Just wanted you to know that I read this to my bible study group yesterday and everyone was so blessed and recieved revelation. They were all anxious to take it back to their family and friends.

    I so appreciate this and in light of current events – it couldn’t be more timely. It brings forth self examination which is so important because we slip into the world in slow comfortable degrees… like getting into a hot tub first with a little toe until your finally up to your neck. I truly believe this message is a letter from the Lord to the body.

    Thanks so much and may God’s blessings and protection continue over you and all you love.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Wow, thanks so much for reporting this to me.
      God wants all of to be Abrahams!
      If possible read my 666 Surveillance tract to the class.
      God bless you.

  21. Paul Phillips says:

    I like the idea of making this a tract or leaflet. – I wanted to say Thanks for all you do. I believe God has raised you up to be a watchman, and blessed you to get the truth out to bless His body. I turn to your blog when something happens to see what’s behind it and then share it with whosoever will listen. My Sunday School class really appreciated your post on Abraham, so I emailed the link to them. like Abraham together we are “Looking for a city with foundations whose builder and maker is God.” Thanks for calling attention to the fact that this is the same as watching for the “Blessed hope” – the 2nd coming and the new Jerusalem. Keep proclaiming and defending – we need you! and believe you are here for such a time as this.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      What a nice post and thanks for it.
      We are looking just like Abraham.
      God bless you.