ICE Opens Transgender Housing for Illegals – Teaches Self-Grooming, Provides Hormone Therapy on Taxpayer Dime

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  1. dan.w says:

    The ‘left’ and the other coast are literally sinking willfully..into the abyss.Insanity is all you can say..the people,the politician’s…put them all together and you’d be hard pressed to find a functioning brain cell.The Bible call’s it willful ignorance…In our terminology..we call it deliberately stupid.Folk’ can’t make this stuff up.I say..if people don’t know what ‘sex’ they are..find our what your birth certificate has on it.Get a clue.If you don’t know what you should forfeit your right to vote or have a driver’s license,or not be considered adult or sane.Sound cruel??No more cruel than having this lot in charge of policy,government,morality or law’s.We ARE being judged.No,it’s not hot fire’YET’..but incrementally as we turn from God or His Christ,[our Creator]..we suffer.There is NO light in the shadow’s..yet this is what draw’s the reprobate,or the ‘one’s with the lawless mind’.They are of one mind…satan’s toadie’s..lickin his stinkin bootie’s all the way to perdition…and thanking him by following him into Hell……Fiction has nothing on this Truth…..