In the Future, We’ll Know Everything—Thanks to This Tech

3 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    The ‘techno-future’ that is here,now..reminds me of the short lived micro series;The prisoner’,which starred Patrick McGoohan.Eye’s everywhere.It’s too bad that it only affect’s those who are not evil or stuck in it’s trap.The demoncrat’s still seem to be exempt from most of this,i.e.bengazi-gate,whitewater,etc,etc.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God,increase this ministry and it’s impact.I pray also for an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit on our country,and all around the world.The harvest is white and ready.Quicken Your saint’s,and enlargen Your Church.Protect the Jews,[worldwide]..not letting the evil one get advantage on them.Make all who call upon You and trust Your Son as bold lions with no fear,but only wisdom,confidence,holiness and purpose..doing Your will,more and more.Let sin fall off of us and not stick.Give us Your sight,wisdom,and path,Amen.

  3. dan.w says:

    Here’s why I don’t buy the libtard narrative,or [the chronicles of stupidity].False flag on russian collusion…It’s timing.It’s target.It’s motive.False flag on supreme court judge ‘behaving innappropriatey’…Timing,it’s target,it’s motive.Border breach..timing,target,motive.False flag on the bad letters[supposedly sent'[wheres the postmarks?]..same as above…all the while..Russia/China has biggest military maneuvers in world history.Lamestream bootlicker media in serious collusion with socialist/ bed with the ‘honed one’.Silent on truth,megaphone on the lies.Even so,come Lord Jesus.