Inside China: Nuclear submarines capable of widespread attack on U.S.

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  1. Gary B says:

    If the Chinese will just be patient, the US will destroy itself. Accepting and promoting homosexuality, as is now happening in the US, requires the casting off of morality. Once a society casts away morality, anything and everything become possible, and probable. Makes survival very difficult.

  2. Josh says:

    Swift judgment is sure to come if ENDA becomes law of the land…

    “The U.S. Senate is expected to vote Monday evening on the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act,” legislation that supporters say offers basic workplace protections for homosexuals and transgendered Americans, but critics warn it will force businesses to cater to bizarre behaviors and force anyone who disagrees with those lifestyles to keep their mouths shut.”

  3. Isaiah says:

    There was an article I read on the internet which stated since 2008 the Russians have been building up their army. I noticed 2008 was the same year our Marxist Senator from Illinois won the presidency. Its almost like the Russians have placed Obama in office.

    Russia is the Gog force in the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy and as we communicate Russia is expanding either economically and militarily with all nations listed in Ezekiel 38:2-6.

  4. Danielle says:

    Agree with first comment and this is all happening so fast . As a people we can be discouraged and want to give up … But God is so faithful ! Stopped today at a grocery store & just before I went in my eye caught sight of “the Last Trumpet” I had layed in the backseat of my car. You know “the nudge” ~ so I took it inside & placed it on a bench where I am praying someone He loves stopped to sit down & read. Anyone can do this and there is not much time left . We are His hands and feet here on earth … Don’t stop … We are almost home !! – Shalom my friends …

  5. Irene C says:

    And yet the people (sheeple?) sleep. Several years ago I could see what was happening to our military. I had emailed prominent talk show hosts, but they didn’t listen. (This is one of the reasons why I won’t listen to them anymore.) However, this has become much worse that I ever imagined. Also, I would strongly suggest that our brothers and sisters leave the West Coast, regardless of the cost. (There were many believers that fled Jerusalem in 70 AD when they realized that Jerusalem’s fall had been prophesied.) Many probably fled with only the clothes on their backs (like Lot leaving Sodom?). Of course this is only my personal opinion…

    I’m so ready to go Home. Maranatha

  6. Ps91 says:

    Prominent talk show hosts are “useful idiots”. They are making loads of money on our stupidity and not accomplishing anything!

  7. TJ says:

    I absolutely agree with you. Rome began to collapse from inside before the barbarians of different nations got confident and invaded. The sign of a nations ending is it’s moral compass. God raises nations up and he is equally able to bring nations down. China may just put the Cu de Gras to America. America is no different than any other nation. “I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.” Luke 13:3

  8. patty conlon says:

    Perry stone said the word of the Lord when president Obama was sworn in “there arose a king who knew not Jacob” I believe it was the chapter read in synagogues also.

  9. Catherine says:

    Lord, help us.

  10. Chad says:

    Patty, the verse you are reffering to is Exodus 1:8 Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.

  11. Joe says:

    What a way to go (our nation) because of homosexuals, this just shows you how far and fast man can fall when he (man) thinks he can be good without God, ROMANS “because when they knew God they glorified Him not as God, neither where thankful, but became vain in there imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”… here we are approx., 6,000 years since God created Adam and Eve with all this history behind us (america) , where we can see that no nation has ever survived homosexuality , and what are we doing but the very thing that has destroyed all the other nations. What really gets me is that americans think they are so smart.

  12. Is this ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming’? FAST AND PRAY FOR DIVINE MERCY!

  13. Sheila says:

    My eleven year old daughter led someone to the Lord this evening after receiving a wrong number text. We all can take the little time we have left to spread His loving message. Every second counts.