Inspector General’s Russia probe FISA report

2 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    God bless Donald Trump.He is an arrow in the Lord’s quiver.He also is a lightning rod…exposing evil men like an infrared light seeing a previously invisible marking.This is one of many evidence’s of God’s existence….One cannot oppose what is not there.The Lord is using our president in a wonderful way.We,however,cannot be ‘spectator’ Christian’s and watch this thing play out as if watching a T.V. program.This is our moment in history.We are seeing a sharp and visible separation of the Godly,and the wicked.How people act or react tell’s on them.If we can see this in our weak human bodies.can you imagine what the Lord see’s in each of us…?No where to run,nowhere to hide.We are ALL laid bare before Him.If we refuse to hear the Lord and follow Him…we make ourselves prisoner’s,and in reality become rebels to God.You do NOT want to go there.Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft…and I know of no witch that will enter Heaven…Do you? Take to heart my sober message…..

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God.Thank You for hearing/answering my prayers.Rip the ‘veil off’ of deep state and it’s ‘players’…Break the devils chesspieces.Give Mr.Trump protection,wisdom,solid,Godly people who will help him as he walks out Your plan for him.Dash the wicked,let them taste of the gallows they plan to slay the Godly with.Let Truth/justice win the Day,…and let him come through unscathed..and totally victorious for 2020 and beyond.Put Your Godly angels all around our president so he can fulfill the destiny You laid out before him…Give him a supporting audience around the world..and let him continue to bless Israel,and in doing so…bless Your Holy Name,Amen.