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  1. Debra Lukas says:

    Obama and his wife praised the foot ball player for coming out with his sex life, it was so sick to see our president and first lady speaking to highly of the sick sin. Our leaders are truly from the pit of hell.
    God please protect the born again believers thru this time of trouble
    Debra Lukas-Mich

  2. patty says:

    Mr. McTernan—the Jerusalem Post just ran a story that says that Bibi has accepted the framework agreement—and is so worried about backlash that he has asked the “Kerry plan” to be published during the passover break in the kinesset –when many will be gone, I guess. Exactly when the blood red moons begin—from what i understand, Bibi is for the dividing of Jerusalem. Mr. Mcternan, something has to happen for this to be stopped, otherwise how can the Psalm 83 war start in order for Gog to be fulfilled?
    Looking forward to your comments and again your blood red moon evaluation. I was listening to Bill Salas on Jan Markell’s website Understanding the Times–and he expects the preparatory Psalm 83 war and even Gog during the blood red moons.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Nothing has happened yet.
      Just sit back and watch this unfold as there might be twists and turns to fulfill the word of God.

  3. Danielle says:

    Brother John ~ Most people will not even notice or care until it hits them in the face … But nevertheless , I just posted the names of the U.S. Senators who voted to cut the military pensions of the U.S Military Veterans on Facebook. (Mostly Dems, & a handful of Republicans) This is a crime and equal to stealing, but many people seem to be oblivious to what is happening now. There were some who were completely outraged, but there should be so many more who care. Am I alone in feeling like I am in a really bad dream and can’t wake up?? Thank God we trust His Word “more than we trust our feelings” and HE is our Blessed Hope or we would have NONE …. Shalom everyone !!

  4. Mary E. says:

    Prayers go out to the southern states in line for the impending ice storm. I heard this morning that Atlanta may receive 12 hours of icing, with several inches of snow to follow. This is a worse case scenario for a southern city, full of shallow rooted pine trees. The good news is, artic air will not settle over the areas and temps will rise into the week end, but the damage will be done.

  5. Dave says:

    John, it feels like everything is lining up and is ready to converge. It’s almost sureal. Like waiting for someone to just strike the match to ignite it. Truly these are Biblical days we are witnessing. And yes, in agreement concerning the demise of Islam.

  6. Carol M says:

    In times like this our only reliable comfort is that we have our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ . . . otherwise life wouldn’t be worth living!!! It’s my understanding that Dr Carson is also a believer and this article was posted on Newsmax.

  7. Danielle says:

    @ #3 TY Mary … I know God is with us here in N.Carolina, but it is good to be covered in prayer from all of you … Wednesday & Thursday ice and snow supposed to be the worst in a decade. We have tall pines all through the neighborhood ! Yikes & Shalom !!

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Right now all we can do is just watch and pray.
      This is fluid and changing by the day.
      God’s judgments are now being loosed throughout the world.
      It does appear that 2014 is going to be a year of judgment!

  8. patty says:

    On Debka File newspaper site today, it said that Bibi has agreed to sign Kerry/Obama framework plan—and he is so afraid of the reaction of the Kinesset that he is having it published during the Passover break—–at the same time the first blood moon hits! From what I understand, it includes the dividing of Jerusalem———

  9. Mary E. says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I will be praying for you, by name. My brother and his family are north of Atlanta and pine trees cover their neighborhood, so I know the dangers. The Lord is with you!

  10. Josh says:

    Interesting that the father of Michael Sam (the homosexual football player being over-hyped) disagrees with his son’s lifestyle. Bet you won’t be hearing that story in the media!

  11. Irene C says:

    @ Debra – I’m also so sick of hearing all about this football player. There used to be a time, not so long ago, where watching sports was a fairly safe pasttime. It’s so sad that this man is hailed a hero while Tim Tebow, who glorifies Jesus, can’t even get a contract.

    I am also praying for all of you in the path of this winter storm. I’ve been through ice storms and they are dangerous. Stay safe and stay off the roads. I will also be praying that none of you lose power.

    Thank you Brother John. Watching these events with all the twists and turns is exciting for those of us secure in Jesus because we know the final outcome and we know we will be going Home soon.

    God Bless and Maranatha

  12. Byron says:

    This is incredible! The other day i did a search on the comparing of J Kerry to the AC and what i found was very interesting! I was led (my curiousness) to this Assad & Syria senario! Listen, I’m not trying to lead anyone down some rabbit path here! We’ve understood that the AC would have a head wound, right? Could it be possible this might be suggesting a Capitol of a nation (Syria?) of this ac Judas Iscariot king? What they are saying; Damascus (the Capitol of Syria) being pounded (flattened) Isaiah 17:1 being severely hurt as a nation and then destroyed but after 3.5 yrs this nation rebounds – instead me going any further theirs a u tube video (6:13 long) -called ‘Son of Perdition Revealed (Anti – Christ) Bashar Assad President… is a must watch bro. John! It does make sense, instead of a man taking this wound, it a Capitol city of a Syria?! *You all might not want to post this until after (or if at all) you thoroughly check this out.
    As for Mary (#5 post) ‘they’ were chem-trailing Georgia (you can also c/this out @ Q files) right before the storms came! One of the reasons Jesus of return is to stop these who are destroying the earth! It never was about global warming (climate change) it was all about control and bringing the US & world down! It’s plain, look at symbols of these controlling entity’s – cern alone, is 666, the national guard logo symbol’s are all satanic along w/all that have their grubby’s in these devilish agenda’s!
    It’s very clear, we are ‘that’ generation! They hated Jesus, they’ll hate us! I can’t think of a better complement, look what He endured for us! Our pain won’t be eternal, it will end, not to be said for those who do the evil of the devil, these freaks actually believe in reincarnation, imagine that, straight out of Babylonia!


    note; one last thing, been having troubles logging on to some e sites, it might be a bug, i think not though!

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      The antichrist is a person and not a country.
      He is known as the beast and the Lord Jesus throws him and the false prophet into hell.

      Revelation 19:19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.
      (20)And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

      Flee from any teaching that make the antichrist symbolic. It will you into error.

  13. Dan.w says:

    Isaiah 5;20 comes to mind when speaking about America.How dare we stick our finger in Russia’s [Putins] face and chastise them about not accepting homosexuality.We export our sins as Sodom,and worse,..surely the Lord’s hand is heavy on us.Only a blind and deaf person,[spiritually speaking] could not see we are in our death throe’s as a nation.As a matter of fact,all of the worlds peoples are in various states of dire circumstances.Their societies are crumbling right before us,but with the bread and circuses keeping us entertained,we don’t even realize the ‘church’ has been hijacked,or government taken over,our kids indoctrinated,our college students reprogrammed,our consciences seared,our resolve…squashed.We,as all other previous nations who forgot God..also forgot history…What was the lesson?It’s HIS-story.When we kick God off His rightful throne,we can have it…and it quickly becomes a toilet as evident by all you can see.The vacuum left by God ‘exiting the building’,is quickly filled with all sorts of reprobate behavior,and stuff that plain makes you wretch.Dear Jesus..cover us,your people.We live in dangerous times and can only make it if you shelter and lead us.We are the hunted.Put us in the shadow of your hand…Amen.

  14. Byron says:

    The reply I made a few mins ago speaking of Syria, Assad & Damascus?! In that voiceless u tube (Son Of Perdition) they try to put the ‘church’ in during that time – i meant to mention that, what concerned me was the Scriptural text of that ‘Capitol’ (city?) head wound! I strongly believe the Church is out of here (pre) but please check out that video! At moment i can’t attach files, so you have to manually go to u tube! If right, this may clear alot up. I’m fairly sure china rosh & others will align against this or maybe rosh will be taken down but china etc will come to do battle against this ac and will join them (ac) to (thinking) battle Israel? please please c/it out!


  15. Gary says:

    do you know the full story of Tim Tebow? before he was released from the NFL, he cancelled a speaking engagement at First Baptist in Dallas with Pastor Jeffries, because First Baptist holds a biblical position on homosexuality, He cancelled the meet to avoid the controversy for his career, and boom, the career goes anyway. Here’s the link.

  16. dennismann says:

    PAX ice storm goes to WASHINGTON DC in a day or 2.
    PAX means peace.

    Obama and Kerry threatened Israel a few days ago with international economic trade boycotts, 3rd intifada war, more isolation,,,,because Israel wont sign the PEACE plan.

    said PEACE plan is designed to murder Israel.

    Christ is warning us to repent with His fantastic SIGNS.

    When the Israel war starts, the usa stock market will drop to half of today’s value.
    DOW-JONES 7000 is coming soon.

    Christ said, “Only an evil generation seeks a SIGN”,,,,,but the endtimes generation is so evil, they don’t even want a SIGN!

  17. WylieFish says:

    The deployment of Iranian warships to our east coast is an extremely serious development all. Not to say that these ships will pose an immediate threat but they do set the precedent and will likely lead to incursions inside of our waters in the future. The timing of this happening is very interesting for those of us who are able to discern the times. America is so weak on the world stage that a 2nd world nation like Iran would dare to defy us in this way! It shows that the “pride of our power” has been broken by the Lord and I am afraid it will only continue to spiral downward from here unless we as a nation reclaim our faith and hope in the God of Israel and our Messiah Jesus. Pray and prepare!

  18. Matt says:

    I am a practicing Catholic and find your connections to God’s punishments to sinful events fascinating and revealing because it is not something that is ever discussed in our Church. However, Catholic eschatology predicts that the tribulations will begin on Good Friday, 2016. It is too long to explain how this date is arrived in this blog. I can e-mail you links to this date though.

  19. dennismann says:


    winter storm PAX = peace

    He warns us to repent!

  20. Norman says:

    No exaggeration in this report, Mary! This is among many sad trends in our beloved country. Taking them all together, and in the wider world context, there’s a sense of coming to the end of the road. Yet we have hope in Christ, and are here as ambassadors until we’re called home. What a privilege, to be realized through prayer!

  21. Mrs. CJB says:

    @ #19 Thank You Gary for noting the Christian Post article. God does not think very highly of people who claim to hold His Word in high esteem but are willing to compromise it for personal gain. James 1:8 says “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 4:8c says “…purify your hearts, ye double minded.”

  22. Clay says:

    Our leaders are not FROM the pit of hell, but they’ll certainly experience it someday – and for a long, long time.

  23. dennismann says:


    the 4 tetrad blood red moons in 2014-2015 on MAJOR JEWISH FEASTS…….these are a time for Israel to gain more land (PROMISED LAND).

    the OT Promised Land (physical land) = foreshadow of the NT KINGDOM OF GOD (SPIRITUAL land)……(bible symbolism).

    the Kingdom is within you!……..King Jesus lives in your heart!

    physical Israel will gain physical land soon…….just as,, Spiritual Israel (the NT Church) will gain SPIRITUAL land soon………Its a SIGN FROM GOD.

    TODAY, THE WORLD is trying to force Israel to give away large parts of the PROMISED LAND to the palestinian terrorists,,,,,,,so Christ will give huge areas of the muslim lands to Israel soon.

    the world will reap what it has sown……..the world dug a pit for Israel to fall in, and the world will fall into the pit!……….Haman will hang on his own gallows!
    which will drive the world nuts!

  24. Mary E. says:

    Thanks so much for the article! The MET office had predicted wind speeds at 106 mph, but they far exceeded that. The pictures and stories of people affected are heart breaking, but will the people turn their hearts back to the Lord? As of this morning’s read, it looks as if another storm is poised to hit on Friday.
    Meanwhile, I continue to take note at the parallel’s taking place in this country, a third of which, is covered in snow and ice. My thought’s are now turning to Spring, when all of the ice and snow will begin to melt. Flooding in the Midwest could be a high possibility.
    Prayers for Barbara in Va., who is covered in 12+ in. of snow, so far!

  25. Barbara in VA says:

    @Mary: Thanks for your prayer request for me.

    Is it OK to share snow stories here? At about 8 am there was 12 inches of snow and I thought that was pretty much the end of it. However, it started snowing again about 11 am and it has been snowing hard ever since (4 hrs.) and is still coming down. At about 3 pm there was 20 inches in my back yard. I am fine as long as the power stays on. It’s my 3 chickens I am concerned about. I made a path from house to coup (by walking back and forth with my cane for balance) so that I could take food and unfrozen water to the chickens, but they have not come out of their coup into the “run”, so I’m concerned for them.

    I’m also very concerned for anyone who has to go out in this to jobs, etc. I believe we should pray especially for rescue people, highway workers, power workers, hospital personnel who have to travel to work, and anyone else I may have forgotten to mention! Also for people who are without electrical power and for those who live alone that there will be someone to check on them to be sure they have what they need.

    It is difficult to think beyond your doors (especially when the snow is too high to open them), but Israel is always on my mind; and in my spirit I feel the need for concentrated prayer for Israel and it’s people.

    1 Peter 5:6-7 (KJV)
    6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:

    7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.


  26. Norman says:

    That’s a lovely lesson, Barbara – despite all the big stuff going on, still trusting the Lord for the little things! Re your chickens, in the circumstances, that’s probably normal behaviour. I know farmers who have put up big Free Range units, but the birds will often prefer to stay indoors in their barns – and who can blame them at the moment!
    For Mary, and general interest, below is a Met Office graph for the past 100 years. You can set it to show the all-year picture (for the UK), for rainfall, temperature or sunshine. You have to be careful how you interpret such data, but what it seems to show is that, apart from the known 50 year cycles, AVERAGE rainfall has not actually changed much at all.
    Last year, a quiet old farmer I spoke to about the significance of weather extremes, gently and unexpectedly trumped me by quoting from the following: “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” (Gen 8:22; see also the covenant in Ch 9, and the very important link to another covenant in Jer 31:31ff). Looking at this graph, I think the dear old boy was right (sadly, he has since died) Its just the fine-tuning that gets shaken up a bit, in a manner that can speak to people at a deeper, subliminal level – even when they’re told its due to ‘man-made climate change’. There can be little doubt that the Lord uses adversity to produce introspection. Through sanctifying the Lord God in our hearts, we may then speak of the reason for the hope that is within us, with due meekness and fear (1 Pet 3:15 – very important).

  27. Gary says:

    I live in Michigan and have chickens as well. Our’s have made it through -40 wind chills this winter just fine. They’re smart, they going to stay inside out of the wind. Just make sure they have plenty of straw and water. God will take care of your birds for you.

  28. Dan.w says:

    Years ago,I had 2 chickens…I lived out in the country,and well,they were like pets to me.Later,I had to move to the city,and try and find a good home for my little friends.I thought I had found ‘the perfect parents’….Some years later,I ran across the couple who ‘adopted’ my 2 lovelies…and so I asked…how are they??they replied,….they were delicious….I hope I made you smile today.The moral of the story…be careful what you name,it might become food.God bless all of you out there… too Andrew.

  29. Gary says:

    ok dan, you asked for it. I have a 5 year old, when chickens disappear from the egg coop and he asks where they went, I tell him they went to freezer camp.

    we also got a bunch of meat birds last year, I told the boys not to get attached to them or name them as they were going to be slaughtered.

    they didn’t listen to me. I walked out to the coop one day, and heard the boys calling them by name, The boys were calling out names one by one, starting with “Fried chicken,” “chicken nuggets,” “chicken strips” “roast chicken,” etc…My stomauch hurt I was laughing so hard.

    Honest, this is a true story.

  30. Irene C says:

    I loved your story about the chickens Gary. I laughed hard too. God gave us a sense of humor and it’s good for us to laugh and remember the joys and blessings in life.

  31. Barbara in VA says:


    These verses may be out of context, but they are comforting nevertheless!

    Psalm 126:2 (KJV)
    2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.

    Luke 6:21 (KJV)
    Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.


  32. debbie says:

    LOVED the freezer camp story:)

  33. Lori says:

    Gary, Your boys have a great sense of humor, that’s hilarious!!! LOL

  34. Clay says:

    To #28- I just understand why so many people refer to Spritual Israel. There’s only one Israel, and it’s physical and populated by about 6 million Jews. Despite all of their trials and tribulations over the past 2000 years, God has held the Jewish people together as evidenced by their DNA, their appearance, culture, religion, and their amazing accomplishments. It’s hard to measure their “industriousness” and their contributions to the world over the past 120 years with respect to the world’s relatively small Jewish population (about 15 million). Even more remarkable, look at what the the real nation of Israel (consisting now of about 6 million Jews) has accomplished since 1948. Compare this to what a nation like Egypt has accomplished in the past 3000 years.

    Even stranger are the claims of a couple of Television ministries that evolved out of the Herbert W. Armstrong Church of God – that Great Britain, America, Australia and other Anglo-Saxon nations are descended from the Twelve Lost Tribes of Israel. Some of their shows are informative and inspiring, but they’re way out in left field on this point.

    You can call us Christian Gentiles “Spiritual Israel” if you want to, I guess, but in my opinion we are The Church, the future Bride of Christ. I think that referring to us as Spiritual Israel can lead to replacement theology, and that’s definitely the wrong side of the fence to be on.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      1Cor 10:32 Give none offence, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, nor to the church of God:

      It is called British Israelism and did not start with Armstrong. He just picked up on it.
      It was a movement in mostly Great Britain during the 1800s.

  35. Mary E. says:

    Just found out yesterday that the president has been meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan since Tuesday. They held a final meeting in Rancho Mirage, Ca. where, according to an article in the Times of Israel, the president has promised 1 billion dollars in loans to the country of Jordan. This puts the King in the US during the crippling storms.

  36. Norman says:

    I’ve known certain really godly men of the last generation who were into British Israelism. Sound in other respects, it’s so strange how God continued to use them, despite their patent error – perhaps more understandable before the events of 1948 and 1967. I recently came across a really good refutation of the doctrine:
    I saw another (excellent, but rather long) article showing how some of the greatest servants of God of the past 3 centuries were influenced to a greater or lesser degree by the Catholic Mystics. The fact that mysticism occurs throughout the main world religions, e.g. Kabalah in Judaism and Sufism in Islam, should be sufficient warning – bringing to mind Paul’s plea for the Bride not to be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ! (2 Cor 11:1-4)
    Concerning the Jews, I know first-hand of their peculiar cleverness: passionate idealists and visionaries, yet so conspicuously lacking the entering-in of Messiah. Hence their paths fall short, or even go against Him. But amazing grace! In the wisdom of God, He chose the foolish things of the world as His ambassadors – woefully weak – yet always sufficient in Him. And we can always pray!

  37. Joni says:

    Yes Mary E, comment #42.
    And on the drought parched soil of Ca, both he and BO. Hmmmmm.
    God Bless us all,

  38. Norman says:

    FAO Mary E et al: a fascinating article on the London floods of 1928. How times have changed – or have they?

  39. Dan.w says:

    Brother Norman,how are you doing there,with the bad weather and all that?..If you need prayer,just say the word.God bless you,Dan.w

  40. Norman says:

    Thanks for your kind thought, and fellowship, Dan. Things are not too bad in these parts: the main flooding is in Somerset in the south-west, and the Thames and other river valleys, with quite a bit of coastal damage along the western approaches. Everywhere is saturated, though, which will delay the sowing of crops, and extend winter feeding of livestock – always an expensive business. Our farmers are not appreciated as much as they deserve – yet another sign of the times. “Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds. For riches are not for ever, and doth the crown endure to every generation?” (Prov 27:23-24) Very good question, Solomon!