Is Technology Enabling Human CULLING? The Rise of Genetic Editing Suggests It Is

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  1. dan.w says:

    As re;the genetic tampering..and Genesis ;..there was a ‘second incursion’..meaning that’s where the giants came from that David came against.’They’..never stopped their genome project.’They’ cannot create anything,but have to steal from God to have ‘material’ to work with.I also believe the ‘greys’..or,alien’s..are really made from ‘suits’ they manufacture from the abducted humans and cattle that are found mutilated.’They’ alway’s are interested in taking the sperm or ovum from abductee’s.I personally believe satan is trying to field an army of his own making.Why??..well think about it.1/3 of the angels fell.They have a numbers problem.2/3 did not fall,so,in their mind’s are trying to match the ‘playing field,as it were.’Their program goe’s on..and also the [reprogramming of the minds of men].

  2. dan.w says:

    As re; my ‘earlier’ post on genetic tampering…I just read an article about China making a chimera,or hybrid of a pig and monkey.Of course satan is driving all of this as these are borders we were not meant to breach.God doe’s not look favorably on these wicked exploit’s…and like genesis 6,we are begging Him to ‘come down and judge us’.We are in a very late hour spiritually speaking and must stay awake,prayed up and fully aware of everything transpiring around us.Just think of the Heavenly host that watches and observe’s us even right now..?the evil one’s as well.We are in a Cosmic chess match as L.A.Marzulli would put it.God bless you brother John for keeping us ‘in the loop’.

  3. dan.w says:

    I see a HUGE uptick in crazy stuff.In my state,and ‘former city’…people steal cars,then crash them into houses.Life is cheap nowadays.We lost the fear of God,[Holy awe],and replaced it with the fear of men.I fear no man myself…however,I don’t want to be around one ‘waiting to go off!’..if you get my drift.There is no shortage of them,many have democrat in front of their ‘other name’,other’s are on what seem’s like a ‘self destruct mode’.These are the time’s Jesus warned us about.The mainstream of Christianity know’s nothing about any of what I’ve just said.We,like the rapture,or eternal security..are to them an aberration,or a cult..when in reality…it may be the other way around.We have to stop being people pleaser’s..and please God first.I’m not saying be abrasive…but for the sake of our Lord…hold out the truth.I will NEVER say I’m sorry for taking Jesus at His word..on all thing’s… the end..Jesus has the final say…no matter how all this look’s like it is shaking out…or not.To all my fellow brethren in Christ…Hi!!!…to those who chase the devil….I say run.