Israel Heads for the Moon in Successful Spacecraft Launch

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  1. dan.w says:

    Israel’s ‘weapon’ God Himself.He is their ‘man of war’.All nation’s have made pact’s with the evil one in exchange for technology.Germany in WW2 was sold out to the devil.They had technology that was at least 100 years ahead of every one else.Some may say..but Germany lost the war….No,they didn’t.Hitler had a plan ]B] which he would spirit away all his occultic technology to other nations..and he did.We took in some of their ‘best’…Werner Von Broun…etc,for NASA,Mengele was still torturing people and nations took advantage of his [science]…..He would freeze peoples limbs..then snap them off..just to see what would happen..stuff like that.Twinning was huge as cloning was happening in the 30’s/40’s…Russia took in scientists,etc.No,evil wasn’t just slightly went underground and mainstream all at the same time.I believe it was Admiral Perry who was murdered because he was trying to expose and shut down the north/south pole secret society,occult,science stuff talked about in [Empire beneath the ice] by Steve Quayle.Yes,Virginia,there is a shadow govt/deep state/atlantis connection.Even with all this evil is no match for the God of Heaven.And..I agree with brother John..The looney left is much more dangerous than islam..because the ‘left’is our neighbor already,and ‘own’s’ most media/politic’s/education/religious/science realm’s.They love mother earth..and hate father God…and would kill us without batting an eye…it’s in their DNA.

  2. dan.w says:

    As re; my earlier post..I will correct myself..It was Admiral Byrd,not Perry…that is all.

  3. dan.w says:

    If anyone is curious,read The inner Earth my secret diaries,by…Admiral Byrd.You will see a German UFO and other stuff in it.The Admiral was credentialed,not crazy.