It’s Christmas, so an Elementary School Invited a Drag Queen Prostitute, Naturally

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  1. dan.w says:

    As re; removing ourselves from public school..I can see pulling our kids from it,because of satanic infiltration,or as I call it..[The millstone situation]…but that we as Christians allowed our influence to be removed is why we are at this situation now.Nature abbhors a vacuum.We were ‘silent’ against a culture that wasn’t….As re;Mr.Trump.We are NOT a democracy..but a representative republic.He/or she who defines the terms..wins the argument,or wins the narrative.Democracy is really mob rules.WE see how that is working out for us…I agree..we must be careful against how we respond to ‘the other side’.They are itching that we give them a reason to shut us down.They have no shame of lying.To them it as if they are telling truth.The only shame they have is of getting caught,like a ‘bad dog’ who dissobeyed you when you left for a while and he ate something he wasn’t supposed to..then the ‘guilt’ dissapears quickly,not to be remembered as the ‘act’ was one of self will and pleasure..if only for the moment…Sinners act like animals…because they were conditioned and taught that they are.Now is not the time to backtrack from culture…but to engage it with Spirit filled answers…from Scripture…We are all responsible for our actions and words….me included.God Bless.