Jerusalem: The ultimate red line

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  1. Henry w says:

    Brother John this blog is such a blessing to me in these last days For the most part I feel as you do about our pending judgement Your teaching on the blessed hope is so relavent now I would ask you and everyone that comes to your site to please keep me lifted up in your prayers. As I keep looking up everyday. God bless

  2. Dan.w says:

    This is a prayer for all who blog here,and for our friend brother John,and his family.Father God….release your blessings on all here.draw them and us close to you.Give us wisdom…we need it,continue to comfort and protect and guide us.Help us to give you all the glory,in Christ’s precious name………..Amen.

  3. Danielle says:

    Shalom Everyone ! 3 different comments here ~ will try to be brief ~
    1. Prayers for you, Brother John, as you requested, in order that God will multiply your time w/minimal interruptions and thus you can do all He has called you to do.
    2. Are you ready for this one? Ok … I realize that time is short and people are turning away from God left and right, but this one REALLY got to me . My daughter, who is a Christian, was off today and we have been looking forward to seeing “Son of God.” ( It was great & worth seeing btw, except that they left out the most important part of Luke 4:18!) We purposely arrived a few minutes late, to skip all the previews etc., but when we took our seat we wondered if we had come to the wrong place. NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE … NO ONE ! Not one other person was in the building.I have been to some empty theatres b4,but never experienced feeling so separate. This movie has only been showing for a few days here too ~
    I told my daughter ” if we feel bad, think how Jesus must feel! ” ( The 5 other movies playing there were much more popular, I’m sure.)
    3. To my Brother Dan ~ I have Good News! Being that I was Catholic from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, Baptized as an infant, slapped upside the head by “the Bishop” at Confirmation, grasped my rosary beads real tight while saying 20 thousand Hail Mary’s & making sure I confessed my horrible sins to the Priest before receiving Communion each week … I think I speak from experience when I tell you this: When a Catholic meets Jesus, gets saved, washed in the Blood and gets baptized in the Holy Spirit ( and she will!) …look out world ! Of course my family thought I had gone mad and my Mom cried and asked me “why did you leave the Church?” I said ” I didn’t LEAVE the Church … I AM THE CHURCH !”
    (The look on her face said it all “BLASPHEMY!”) So, from the time I was saved I have not used the label “Catholic” but simply say I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
    Still thanking Him for 2 little Baptist ladies who came to my door one day and handed me a tract ! When they asked me if I knew for sure that I was going to Heaven I replied “of course I am … I’M CATHOLIC !! Sadly, I really believed I was going to Heaven. Thank You Jesus for sending those ladies to me that day. Thank You for everyone who has the guts to witness to the lost and tell them your story!
    I was REALLY REALLY mad and very indignant at those people when they said (in love) “we’re sorry to tell you, but just because you are Catholic, does NOT mean you are going to Heaven!” I politely asked them to leave, and they told me they would leave right away if I would only promise to read their tract … which I did and quickly realized with great alarm I HAD NOT EVER BEEN SAVED !! I knew about Jesus, but didn’t KNOW Jesus. That was 1976 and He has been my closest friend ever since. I tell everyone that I am not bitter about some of the wrong teaching I received while attending Catholic School for many years. There is a saying in A.A.
    Meetings “take what you like and leave the rest.” I take what is true and all that is good with me from those years, and scrap the things they taught me which were never true at all. God has you and Mrs.Dan on His radar and you have all of our prayers . I have a request from this group as well ~ my 4 brothers who were steeped really deep into the Catholic background need salvation before Jesus returns . God is Faithful and He will do this ! Forever His, Danielle

  4. Loretta says:

    Look at the evil! Thinking that he is above the law.
    Dan I say an AMEN to your prayer.
    May God keep us, protect us from evil, strengthen us to walk the path he has created us for, to shareHIS unconditional love. Love &blessings to my brothers&sisters.

  5. Sandra says:

    John.Yesterday the Knesset, passed a law that any future concessions of land must be approved by the voters nationwide in a referendum. It means that the leaders cannot make agreements with other world leaders and give away the promised land. There has to be a majority approval by the citizens.

    Could this be what Daniel 9 talks about —-an agreement with the many?

  6. Izzie says:

    Brother John,

    I am working my way through your teachings on healing the broken-hearted, and I just had a revelation! The reason why we can’t “hold onto” the fact that we are deserving, forgiven children of God is because our broken heart is acting like a sieve. He keeps putting the Spirit of love, forgiveness, and adoption into our hearts, but because it is a broken vessel, it can’t retain it. Am I making any sense? I know what I’m trying to say, just not sure if it is coming out right. Thank you so much for your teaching! It’s not because we are necessarily doing something wrong that keeps us feeling like we’re not “getting it,” it’s that something is broken spiritually that is preventing us from “getting it” and keeping it.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      You are 100% correct and clearly understand what happens with a broken heart and God’s love.

  7. Debra Lukas says:

    Hi Mr. McT. Will you start a new title for the blood moons you will teach on. I know you said it would be in March but what date so I can watch for it.
    Debra Lukas

  8. Cynthia says:

    Brother John has always said that there are no limits with these reprobates:

    Commission Report: Obama Could Lift Transgender Troop Ban Without Approval From Congress

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      This was there goal all along and it is all coming to a head with the blood moon on Passover!
      Wow, it appears that God is about to send judgments on the USA that will match the violation of His word.

  9. I can’t help but wonder what will happen when the Kerry Plan to give the PaLIEstinians part of Jerusalem for a capital, and that splits Israel in two while making one contiguous PaLIEstinian state comes to light? I was just reading about it in an article on the New York Times site entitled, “Why Kerry is Scary”. Blessings John!

  10. Dan.w says:

    Thanks Danielle and Loretta,and all of you for all of your prayers.I KNOW my wife will be saved.I did pray for a Godly wife,and know she is who He picked out.I also know the scriptures about not being unevenly yoked with an unbeliever.Some how,the Lord our God will work this out.She had prayed for a Godly man,but Christ is still on the outside,if you all know what I’m saying.This is bigger than us all,but the Lord is faithful,and He will complete what He started.I do not hide my light [belief in Christ],not do I beat anyone over the head with it.I’m ready at all times possible to give a reason for the hope that is within me.Sometimes though,people don’t ask,so I may start the conversation,then bring it to the Spiritual,to let the Lord do His work.We can draw people out by asking questions,then offer up sound Biblical truth.Some things will not be fully understood this side of heaven.P.S.Prayers as you requested brothers and sisters are going out right now.God saved me out of Catholicism,new age,ect……and I was quite a case… one here reading this or your relatives are beyond His reach of Love.I know….Dan.w

  11. Dan.w says:

    Father God,I ask that you hear Henry’s prayer…meet him at his point of greatest need and reveal your glory,in Christ I pray,Amen.

  12. Irene C says:

    Thank you for the prayer Dan.w. During these times, we all need prayers for strength, protection, and guidance.

    So much has been happening, and happening quickly. We have a missing plane, Russia and Ukraine, China and Japan, Israel and – everyone else, and the U.S. getting ready to hit bottom. Then we had a 6.8 quake off the coast of California (that got very little attention) and two quakes (5.1 and 5.2) off the coast of Oregon. One snow/ice storm after another is freezing and burying the Midwest and Northeast. And with Spring right around the corner, tornado season will start soon.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement Brother John. I am definitely looking for the Blessed Hope.

    God Bless and Maranatha

  13. Norman says:

    For the encouragement of Henry, Dan & us all: the hearing of all thy prayers made in Christ is assured. And from the cloud of witnesses, a stirring refrain is heard: “Who would true valour see, let him come hither; one here will constant be, come wind or weather. There’s no discouragement, shall make him once relent, his first avowed intent, to be a pilgrim.” Christian set out, and arrived at his destination. Christiana followed, with their babes. God is merciful, and faithful, beyond all we can fathom. Amen. (Cf. Rom 11:28-36. He knows – He’s been there: the fellowship of his sufferings? Our meek and lowly yoke fellow?: (Mt 11:25-30). Please look up these scriptures and their contexts – you will be blessed!

    He that is down need fear no fall,
    He that is low, no pride;
    He that is humble ever shall
    Have God to be his guide.

    I am content with what I have,
    Little be it or much;
    And, Lord, contentment, still I crave,
    Because Thou savest such.

    Fullness to such a burden is
    That go on pilgrimage;
    Here little and hereafter bliss,
    Is best from age to age.

    John Bunyan, 1628-1688.

  14. Irene C says:

    @John Notter concerning the plan to split Israel; what worries me (not with worldly worry though) is that God will split the U.S.; either with the New Madrid fault line or a major tornado outbreak. The time is now when we need to pray for God’s mercy.

    Habakkuk 3:2 – O Lord, I have heard thy speech, and was afraid: O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known; in wrath remember mercy.

    God Bless and Maranatha

  15. 4bahepued says:

    I just read that Abbas is coming to DC on Monday to meet with Obama.

  16. Izzie says:

    I have a really bad feeling about this plane being missing. I think they are going to put something nuclear on it and send it back to “Big Satan.” Dear Lord in Heaven, please protect us!

  17. Dan.w says:

    It seems whenever we touch Israel in a negative fashion,it comes back almost immediately.Since America,[and most of the world is in a spiritually opposite position when it comes to the Lord],what we see ahead is more of the same.Action,reaction…repeat.Lost man cannot put the two together because of lack of discernment,and no fear of God,man is taking a wrecking ball to his own house.We need to stay close to Jesus.Hope you are feeling better brother John…whatever you had/have.God bless you,Dan.w

  18. Dan.w says:

    Brother Norman,..Amen to your #18 thread about how we are not to boast against the branches.It is very timely as I was trying to make this reply to a fellow brother who appears to have taken another turn,from the pre-trib view,towards what appears to be mid or post trib,along with it this person may have forgotten about our not being of replacement theology in mind…God has not forsaken the Jews…Yes,in large part they are in unbelief,but so that we may be offered salvation by their present no saying…however,this is only temporary,as God is bringing Israel and the Jew back into focus..which tells us prophecy is winding up rather quickly.The [church age]is nearing completion,we may soon be going in the catching away[rapture].and the Jew,and Israel..which by the way God has never forgotten will be front and center once again.We as you know well brother Norman are grafted in.I only hope and pray my other brother see’s this as we do.God is bringing His people back.He has never forgotten them or replaced them with anyone else.He has a special dealings with them in the near future,when the day of grace has ceased.They are still His chosen people.May God continue and bless the Jews…for His own namesake.And may He soon open their eyes to Messiah…Jesus.Amen.

  19. Yvette says:

    Brothers and sisters in Christ I love you all! I am not sure of anything right now the world we knew a few years ago is so up-side-down. What was wrong when I was a child is right now. The only thing that is the same is our Lord and Savior Jesus. I need Him always and I trust He will get us through this. I will pray for you please pray for me and my family