JEWISH LEADERS Thank President Trump In New York Times Full Page Ad – Criticize Freshman Democrats on Anti-Semitic Positions

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  1. dan.w says:

    I believe that the liberal Jewish community in large part will stay with the left,because it is spiritual blindness they are under.They don’t know that they love their master,who,until they meet Christ is satan,and his ideology.The same go’s for most liberal black’s…No,I’m not racist,just stating the obvious.I’m not politically correct,just correct.Why would a group of people who have been oppressed by democrats..then vote for them..even vote to kill their future generations….i.e.abortion?.The republican’s are the real champion’s of the Jewish and black people group’s,yet are maligned as if the enemy.Until God remove’s the ‘blinder’s’…they will remain blind ,and under satan’s spell..I personally believe nothing short of the great tribulation will remove these blinder’s.The whole world lie’s under the power of the wicked one…except for born again believer’s.Father God…please open the eye’s of the blind…with no respect to anything man would prefer.Save Your special chosen people..the Jew..and all who will see You as You are…Their only hope.Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    As re; my earlier post..I have known some Jewish people who really do know the Messiah and love Him.In reality though…the world is primed for anti-semitism.That has always been satan’s go-to song on the hate parade.All through history,they have been maligned,despised,used,abused.God has not,nor ever will forsake them.Human nature,[with God on the outside]..always waits till the last minute/back against the wall before finally crying out for deliverance.When Moses was leading the people..their backs were against the wall,[of water].WW2 had them again in disbelief that the Germany they lived in was really turning on them..some saw it,and wisely left..others though it happened before their eye’s..were in a sense in a trance like state..denial..right up until the ‘gas showers’ were turned on.In the near future just preceeding the great tribulation..they will take flight from other nations to their homeland,then again run for their lives because they will see anti-christ is not Jesus Christ…Of course we know petra,[the rose red city] will await them as God’s hedge of protection from further evil.God be with Jewish brothers/sisters…This is my blessing for your future..All Christians every where should pray God’s blessing’s over them..It is the will of God.Not because there is anything inherently good in them..but because God love’s them and we should as well.

  3. dan.w says:

    I was scanning the channels on TV for news the other night…On DW TV,a german station on public television,there was a young girl,maybe high school age,and her 2-3 friends from London,of the islamic persuasion..They answered an ad for ”brides’..with promises that to them sounded good.They went and later wanted to come ‘back home’..The in between story is…When asked by the reporter..Did you see any beheadings??..The girl coldly replied..Oh yeah…I’ve seen them,it dosn’t bother me…..I was like WOW…NO soul whatsover,no conscience…she had 3 babies from the terrorist soldier she ‘married’.What is even scarier is that Pelosi,Chuck,Obammy,Clintons..and the like are just like them…AND THEY ARE HERE….and they are in charge of stuff..and people like them and vote for them…My thinking is..with all the ‘legal’ baby killing going on here is this…..When doe’s God pull the plug.When I read Revelations…I see a passage that states about all the kings of the earth weeping because there is no one left to buy their goods…for in one hour,that nation becomes as one that never was.What nation buy most of the worlds goodies?Kind of sobering..isn’t it..?….NOW is the time to reach the lost…Time is just about up………………………………………….