John McTernans Insights Blog: January 20, 2021

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  1. dan.w says:

    Joe ‘the roach’ will never be my president.He didn’t win anything..he was installed as an in our face show of force by the globalist deep state and it’s bootlickers.The globalists are in satans plans,and he will use them against us.The onion goe’s like this…satan is the top doggy,the globalist/elite/NWO/illuminati is next.Then it’s nation-states such as China/Russia,etc.The traitors are next.I put them before the demoncrats we all know and love,because rino’s and traitors are like having 7 queens in a deck of cards.We can start a new party,i.e.patriots..but just remember,as long as there is an unsaved,or reprobate person in will be compromised..and it’s DNA say’s..doomed to failure.Where ever there a person..there is a rat..right behind him/or her to pick up the crumbs and plan for the eventual takeover and destruction of what was intended for good.If we can’t hold judges or any part of corrupt govt.accountable by our constitution now..[fixed election] do we think we can come back?The southern border is gonna fall,and with it..scores of illegals to insure there will only be a one party rule from here on in.I pray that Christians and conservatives rise and contend against evil…but where we are in Bible prophecy looks to me like Trump was only to get 4 years..never to repeat.The vector of prophecy is upon us.Win souls while we can.It’s very late…and satan is hoofing it to the finish line.