John McTernans Insights Blog Post: May 15,16, 2021

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  1. dan.w says:

    Our country is a ‘dead man walking’.From every side we see what it looks like when corporate mankind gives God ‘the finger’…Father God,the gentleman He is says”’Here you go.You want me out of the picture….have it your way….”The devil is not only in the details..he has the contol levers of power and persuasion to a dumbed down mass who really believe the govt is only out to help you.Every sphere of society is sold out to satan.It’s like watching a suicide squad complaining about us because we don’t want to be stupid like them and die for less than nothing.Freakin idiots..the lot of them.Only the Lord can shield us and cover us from this insanity from Hell’s bounds.Pray that He continues and brings us to HIS home.God bless.Fight hard Christian and patriot…because stupid has no off switch.