John McTernan’s Insights Posted: June 9,10, 2021

4 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    So much evil I can’t even wrap my head around it
    Most Americans don’t know and wouldn’t believe it

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Yes, I agree 100% with you. God is revealing all the evil to us. It is unfolding like raw sewerage!

  2. dan.w says:

    I have said in a few past posts that we [America] didn’t really ‘win’ the 2nd world war.That may anger some but first face facts.Do we or do we not follow the mold of ww2 nazi Germany in every respect?We gave the past war criminals a pass if they were scientists,mathematicians,etc.We WANTED their tech,which was demon tech.The scientists all went to highest bidder countries.We got Von Braun for our space program.The torture and demonic experiments,like twinning,operating on someone without any painkiller whatsoever just to study them like rats.Hitler got his final solution from our universities.Henry Ford and Hitler admired each other and had trade agreements and shared tech even during the war.Mr.Ford was an anti-semite.Many of our G.I’s went against American made equipment in Germany.Hitler and Ford had picture and likenesses of each other in their offices.All of big business became weaponized against their own citzens to spy on,control and to crush any opposition..just like now.Gov. gives the order and it is done.Like I’ve said before…most nations kill more of their own citizens in supposed peace time,than in foreign wars.We are really at war with God,and mad men and reprobates run the circus.Good is called evil,and the wicked get a trophy.There is a ‘payday’ coming for all the wicked.She’s a hot,eternal fire…where the worm is always hungry.So for all you wicked out there…good luck with that……

  3. d says:

    Dr.Fakey,bill GatesofHell..all the illuminati NWO’s types are satans spawn.Born to be the ever burning Hades logs.We are near the ‘home stretch’ Christian.The evil ones cannot stop until they are stopped by God.They want to ‘jab’ every living person on earth because [The life of the body is in the blood]…and they not only know this,but the satanmeister always does a 180 from what the Lord does.Toadmaster wants death in the blood.He,or it can only steal,kill,destroy and lie.Any of this sound familiar? is the narrative we’ve been force fed daily from the lyin sack media.Free doughnut,get the death shot.Free beer,get a shot,free tickets to the overgrown babies game,get a ticket to deadsville.WIN,WIN,WIN a gazzillion worthless Godforsaken dollars in a lottery…just be a stupid brain challenged lemming..and get da shot.C’mon it for the gipper….Ya know,if granny was alive and she could find her teeth..she’d tell ya!… Lord Jesus….we are ready for You…sooooo ready.