June 2015: A Supreme Court Trifecta?

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  1. rjnvpn says:

    Such hubris in the face of God Almighty! I am sure we will pay dearly for this.

  2. Gary Canant says:

    Newton’s third law is:

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Every time I read your book that introduced you to me, Newton’s third law comes to mind!. Your book has been like a dairy to me. Recently I used it to answer the question, “when did tropical storm Fay flood Bonito Springs,FL”

    As I take daily communion, I pray, Luke 21:36->that we all be counted worthy to escape what is determined upon this land of my birth.

  3. Dan.w says:

    Thank you for being a faithful watchman brother John.As re Dave’s posts,before we each were born again,we possibly sat in the scorners seat to greater or lesser degree’s.Brother Norman also brought up about the difference between a cultural christian,and a born again one…a true born again person would not rail against the Lord so.Christianity is not something one ‘falls into’,but a very conscious soul searching decision which has the outcome of a brand new life created by the Lord.God has a plan for everybody,but only those who have entrusted His Son for eternal life are in God’s plan.Jesus is God with workman’s clothes on.This job,[salvation],was so big,it was a do it yourself,only we couldn’t because it’s a God sized job only He himself could accomplish.He did it Himself because anything else would fall far short.All of God is in Christ.We can worship Jesus as God,and it is not robbery to God or His name.That is where simple religions fall short.They usually give Christ lip service not giving Him the honor due His name or title.One of His titles is ‘Everlasting Father’.It is with great honor and humility I call Jesus Lord.Dave……..You cannot fall into truth,but the truth can hurt and heal when it lands on you.I pray God the scales fall off.Heaven has room.Some,having breathed their last,see the Lord face to face,sensing an all encompassing love around them,but because they never bowed their heart to Christ,their next stop……..Hell.It doesn’t have to be you or your story.The choice is yours,the choice is free.Dan.w

  4. Denise in MI says:

    This decision hurts so much. I wonder what will happen in other states. I’m also concerned about how this will affect the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that Lindsey Graham introduced & is now before the Senate. It says a baby feels pain at 20 weeks. Pray with me that there are enough votes to save these precious lives. Planned Parenthood says this would “hurt women.” Even I am at a loss for words….

  5. Denise in MI says:

    As sad as all these events are, we must remember that this is not our home.

    I read some commentary today about the ss agenda & the pope’s climate change encyclical (coming out on the 18th) that reminded me that, as Christians, we should be rejoicing b/c Jesus is coming soon. All events happening are working toward that. All the more reason to witness to others and pray that the Holy Spirit convicts them soon.

    Here’s a scenario: Same-sex marriage will close down many churches, as pastors would rather lock them up than go against God. We’ll still have online pastors, but who knows for how long…The pagan worship of Gaia will replace it, culminating in a NWO, redistributing wealth to the poor, whom the pope believes are victims of climate change. No more superpowers. ( Interestingly, the pope is also concerned about population control. Will he soon promote abortion?) Man will become a computer hybrid, as the Pentagon reports could happen within 20 yrs. Robots will have no problem worshiping the beast, as that will be programmed into them.”Resistance is futile.”

    And the true Church will be “outta here” like a Miguel Cabrera home run. 🙂 (Detroit Tigers)

  6. Denise in MI says:

    Just as I was finishing, the Lord put a song in my heart. I found it on youtube, with lyrics and a beautiful picture of Jesus holding a sleeping child in His arms. Hope it fires you up for the Lord, as it does me!

    Aaron Shust, “My Hope is in You.” If you leave the player on, it goes right into “My Savior, My God.”


  7. Tish Payne says:

    Denise, just listened to My Hope is in You and loved it. Titus 2:13, looking very much for this! God Bless you Denise.

  8. Mark Gabrielson says:

    Signs in the Heavens

    I have read that the SCOTUS decision on Gay Marraige will be released either Monday the 29th or Tuesday the 30th of June

    Interesting to note that June 30th is also the date Venus and Jupiter will have near alignment. June 30th is also the deadline for the Iran Nuke deal.

    ScienceCasts: Amazing Sunset Sky Show

    “Venus, Jupiter on beautiful “collision” course

    Venus and Jupiter have been drawing nearer to each other in the sky all month. Friday and Saturday, after dusk, they will appear to come together and will most likely the brightest objects in the sky, after the sun and moon.

    On the evenings of June 19th and 20th, stargazers will find Venus soon after sunset well up in the west. Jupiter will be about 6 degrees to its upper left, though only one-twelfth as bright. (They’ll both be to the lower right of Regulus, the alpha star of the constellation Leo.)

    The view will be most dramatic on the 20th, when the two planets and the moon will be bunched closely enough to be covered by an outstretched fist.

    A second, even more dramatic event occurs on June 30th, when Venus and Jupiter will appear so close together – just 1/3 of a degree apart – that they’ll look like a tight, brilliant double star in the evening sky. A small backyard telescope will show both planets in the same field of view.”