Kerry launches 2014 with all-out bid for Mideast peace

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  1. Teresa says:

    The pedaphilia is what infuriates me so much. If you want to be involved in sin as an adult,that is on you and your problem. When you bring your perversion on a child, the death sentence is justified. I know an 11 yr. Old girl who was forced to have sex with her stepfather and she became promiscuis after that at a young age. Where before she would still have her innocence in tact.she will never be the same. Step dad is serving ten to fifteen yrs. Not nearly long enough to make up for the damage he did to her. This has got to stop here and now and we have to cry out to protect our children and stop being passive robots that accept every new law,whether it be sinful or not. This country will be destroyed, It is our own fault and sin and we deserve it.

  2. Tom says:

    Judge Robert J. Shelby must have somehow skipped Freshman Political Science 101 and the required reading of Marcus Tullius Cicero and his writing on Natural Law.
    He must have somehow also skipped Constitution 101, another Freshman-level course which further covers how much of the US Constitution is based on Natural Law and British Common Law, both of which can find their roots in the Old Testament in addition to Cicero’s writings, which were separate from, but interestingly similar to the People’s Law of ancient Israel–all of which condemn same-sex marriage and uphold the institution of marriage as between one man and one women.
    When Jurists deny The Law of Nature or Nature’s God, they are deliberately denying the veracity of the United States Constitution while at the same time denying the holiness of the great God.

    In His Service,

  3. Tom says:

    Now John Kerry claim he was a Mighty Naval man, he thinks the fable’s true.
    Went to Vietnam–a foreign land, to pretend to fight for me and you.
    Got injured in a fire-fight when dust flew up in the air; got a runny nose and watery eyes and even messed-up his perfect hair–achoo!

    Now it must have been quite a sight–some cat-girl-fight with kicking, screaming, and swearin’. Where John Kerry bites, kicks, and scratches like a kitten.

    Now John Kerry claims to be a Mighty Diplomat, he thinks the fable’s true.
    Went to Israel–a foreign land, to pretend to like the Jew.

    Back home another winter’s brew drops snow way to and passed one’s knees.
    Another chilly reception to John Kerry’s deception–for dividing a nation–to which he responds with and upright hand and a finger and facial expression of it’s not about me or you; I’m doing it for my friends the Palestinians and what I think is best for the Israeli nation–the Jews!

    In His Service,

  4. Pamela says:

    A little off topic but relevant to the season… all those giving to 501C3 churches:

    As we are in a new year and soon all the people will be gathering together their tax filing information. God spoke to me earlier this past year and told me that when Christians take their charitable write off and use their “tithes” for the tax credit… God no longer considers himself obligated to bless this offering. The people have decided on their own how the money is credited – to the government instead of God. So to those believing in the prosperity doctrine and the multiplied seed teaching. Beware… if you take it off your tax return, you took it off God’s books.
    Render to God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesars….
    Blessings in the New Year!

  5. GaryB says:

    I read most of Judge Shelby’s decision. What I learned from it is that Shelby seems to think that people have the right to determine for themselves who they will marry, and the government must stay out of that decision. If the higher courts do not overturn Shelby’s ruling, then unregulated marriage may soon be coming. No more restrictions as to the sex, age, or kinship of those choosing to marry.

  6. Joni says:

    The article about the 11 year old girl and the pedophile caseworker, “According to Il Quotidiano, the girl came from a poor family who had known and trusted the social worker.” There lies the problem, the caseworker took advantage of her trust. She knew and trusted him. He violated that duty he had to protect her.
    What does an11 year old girl, the girl being from a poor family, in the hands of a 60 year old caseworker, even know about love? Caseworkers are put in place to protect or represent a minor, what other problems was she facing of maybe the same type from family possibly that she needed a caseworker to begin with?
    I am so sickened by the lawmakers changing and forcing laws on us the majority of people do not want. It has become the norm. How many states voted down gay marriage, yet the state officials put laws in place for the minority? How much worse will it have to get before people group together so their voices can be heard? Or will only gunshot be heard? I feel the lawmakers are deaf and dumb to the people, and it will take bloodshed of some type. Taxes on tea was not nearly as perverted, but the people let themselves be heard.

    God Bless us all,

  7. Rev Pete says:

    We all need to pray and ask God that He would move Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Knsette to reject this Framework proposal to the 1967 borders.

  8. Denise says:

    John: Do you think there is any significance that Ariel Sharon would be declining NOW, after 8 years in a coma?

    Teresa: Well said. People who abuse children, the elderly, pets, or anyone weaker deserve worse than “a millstone hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matt.18:6

    Pamela: Jesus said to give to Caeser what is Caesar’s, but we are being taxed to death as it is. If one is tithing only for the deduction, I agree with you. However, as many are out of work, their tithe–and other charitable giving–declines.The deduction does help. It’s all about one’s heart.
    As of Jan. 1st, there are 55 fewer tax deductions (teachers can’t even deduct classroom expenses out of their own pockets)and 40,000 new regulations (FOX). With the war on Christians, that deduction probably won’t be around much longer either. Eventually, we’ll all be like the widow and her mite–giving all we have–to the gov’t!
    Bless everyone on this site in this new year.

  9. Joe says:

    Hi everyone , been a long time I watch a show on the travel channel called Sturgis , SD about these bikers that come to there town for a week every August , these people are all on drugs get drunk all week the women prance around almost nude all week , why does the govener of this State in our country allow this to continue , when I lived in Atlanta, GA for a while they got rid of the Freak – Nic these where blacks that would do all the same things get drunk , rape women , turn cars over..ect, Atlanta stopped this , why does not Sturgis SD, stop this in there town , if God is sending His Wrath on sin and wickedness if I where God this would be on the top of my list why doesn’t God have an F / 5 tornado go through this town when this is happening , just a question think about it , happy new year , isn’t everything wonderful , what a world, Adam did a real number on us , Joe

  10. Janine says:

    Ariel Sharon is now near death and the blood red moons on Israel’s feast days in 2014 and 2015 are worth watching. Could WW111 begin soon, starting in the Middle East, that brings in the new world order be just around the corner?
    Time will tell!

  11. Irene C says:

    Thank you Tom for sharing your gift of verse. I always look forward to reading them.

    Happy New Year to all my brothers and sisters here. May this be the year we hear the trumpet sound and we go Home.

  12. Rob says:

    Tom’s verse reminds me of the theme song to F Troop. I used to watch that as a kid. Difference is that Captain Parmenter was a bungling likeable guy, Commander Kerry is a bungling idiot. Rob

  13. Dan.w says:

    I ask that everyone hold up Mrs.CJB in prayer,as sister Joni has also asked.Thank you all,Dan.w

  14. Nancy says:

    There are many blessings when you tithe for the honour and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, both which belongs to him!
    His blessings far exceed anything the guv. can give!

  15. Teresa says:

    Amen Denise. I assume you are a teacher? It is so nice knowing there are Christian teachers out there and that truly still care about children. I applaud you and your work. May God bless you!