‘Kill the police!’ Anti-Trump protesters chant death threats at cops as tens of thousands take to the street nationwide

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  1. danw says:

    Hellery the witch, and Bill ‘the Zipper’…These are two to watch.As long as they have breath,we all are in danger.Destruction is written in their DNA.I guess the rat hole was to big for Soro’s money to have full effect.These three are as evil as they come.Satan is their [papa].It just amazes me with the evil so thick that embodies all that they are,that they are not consumed by cancer and maggots….and putrifying sores.Maybe,even those things cannot live on these three.Father God,as you have delivered us time and again,make a miracle and deal with all evil doer’s in a way that has you honored and glorified.We thank you for a ‘stay’,as it were from what was before us.Help us make no waste of time,using it for your Kingdom,Amen.

  2. Catherine says:

    To Danw: I thought the exact same thing as you about cancer. Then I read this article (I think it was out of the U.K. since American media was out to protect her) which had a picture of her at the Democratic National Convention and she had her mouth open very wide with her tongue in full view. According to an ENT doctor, her tongue has a circular round hole in it which is the way they biopsy for tongue cancer. Given her reported lesbian relationships, I find it interesting that she could have tongue cancer. If you search the internet, you can probably find the photo and the story.

  3. danw says:

    Thanks for the comment.I do not wish evil on anyone,and I know we are to pray for leaders..but the clintons,in my view were not leaders.They were,[are a pariah],a judgment of sorts,hating God and all He stands for.I could and do pray for their salvation,but truly,when I see a picture of them,all I think about is Hell having a face…and it brings it all home about the two destinies…one for the saved,…the other for the ‘lost’.What grieves me most is how all those people died,and still are dying,just because they got too close to the clintons,but they themselves skate away,with no news coverage about the deaths.Sometime,just look up clintonbodycount.com. You will see what I mean.God bless,Dan.w