Leading college faculty union says belief in only 2 genders is based on ‘ideology,’ not fact

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  1. dan.w says:

    WW1 and WW2 were fomented to try and bring in the NWO.The globalists keep testing the waters to see if the time is right.I believe the ‘towers’ were a part of this plan as well as the 1938 war of the worlds radio program..and the initiated and planned 29 ‘stock crash’.The world bankers,bloodline royalty,and the usual named suspects are in it up to their eyeballs.Satan has his ‘meat puppets’…Rothchilds..Bilderbergs,J.P.Morgan,Bush’s,Ford foundation..I could go on..you get it.Also..many english/germans are 2 cousins…..Many presidents,CEO’s,big bankers have multiple connections to keep and exert their power and influence,as they try to ‘milk us’ stupid John.Q.Public..and treat us as ‘slave class’.They believe they are morally[HA],superior to us..and can decide if we live or die.They have always been at odds with the God of the Bible..and have never stopped their dream of ruling the world.Mr.Trump has to deal with these losers at every level,as they hate him and all he stands for.Pray hard for Mr.Trump as he may be all that stands in the way of unbridled nastiness at every turn.Satan is P.Oed..his time is short.He knows it.

  2. dan.w says:

    Reality and liberalism,[marxist]etc..is opposite ends of different rainbows.Liberalism is a universe where reason has ‘died’,because commonsense has died before it.Nothing good or of any substance can exist there because it is a fiction of the lowest order.It cannot have rules or absolutes because the rules change and absolutes are a big no,no.The only thing it creates is destruction,thereby cancelling itself out in self contradiction….yet millions cling to it because they would rather believe The Lie..and the father of it,than to take God at His Word…simply astonishes me every time….I believe Mark Twain once said..’Do not argue with a fool..he will only beat you with experience….Maybe thats why president Trump just walked out on the demoncats…no deal..nothing to say.God bless you Mr.president…You must have read Mr.Twains quote.