Leftist Activists Force Mastercard to Vote On Blacklisting The ‘Far Right

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..give the left no place to hide and no way to win against those that Love You.Wake up the sleeping church.I see ‘churches’,[congregations really],dying all around me..but it’s not that they are really dying…they are dead.No root…no fruit…no life in them at all.They were taken over without a shot or wimper because no one told them you need to be born again to be a real Christian.Glorified country club..is what they are..moose lodge,no better.I don’t lay all the fault at pastor’s..the ‘lay people’ are to adept at laying.If there is no evidence of fruit from the Lord’s perspective..it is a false or dead tree..to be plucked up root and all..to be burned.Some may think I am talking work’s..Well..of course I am!Christ’s finished work on the Cross alway’s change’s the person when they believe in Him.We have enough bench warmer’s..we need more soul winner’s.The Jehovah witness’s may be totally lost..but they still put the average Christian to shame as far as reaching out to other’s.They are making twice fold son’s of Hell…Are we introducing people to Jesus.If we SHOW UP….Jesus will be there and He doe’s all the work….so..We are without excuse……….There I go…being mr.friendly again…..I t may be my finger typing this…but believe me….it’s God’s heart…How will the Lord distinguish between the false church..and the dissobedient one….He can…..even though they look identical to me. Blessing’s.