Liberal Author Reveals Democrat Endgame: Replace Republican ‘Evangelical Cult’ with Massive Influx of Immigrants to Drive GOP to Extinction

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  1. danw says:

    The enemy can only take ground if it is not occupied..Jesus said…occupy until I come again. If we are really Christian’s it is a given we are occupying..If the ‘culture over takes us’..what doe’s that say…….If every one who ‘occupied’ a pew as a Christian would even reach out to one person a week……illegal immigration would vanish.We could keep our country..a little longer…jails would empty..Heaven would be getting populated..Any body getting this? P.S. brother John..Excellent oversea’s report.As alway’s.

  2. dan.w says:

    We can blame the demoncrats for our woe’s…but it happened on our watch.We are losing the culture war because we are not engaging it.We are alway’s playing defense.Christianity is an offense.If we do not take the initiative..instead of day late dollar short theology..we lose.The blame game can be licked by taking responsibilty for our actions/lack thereof..and consequences.We win if we get the Gospel out of the four walled country clubs..and into hearts and minds that need it really bad.We lose if we wait for someone else to do it.Seems like a lot of waiting going on..Problem is…we are out of time.If you want to watch your wife get raped,your kids beheaded,etc..stay the course.If you care enough to do something,ask God for help..then do it.Islam is on the move..and if you aren’t moving with the Lord to win souls…..There will not be another ‘chance’ after Donald Trump.God is testing the waters to see if we will respond and be obedient.

  3. danw says:

    I know what you mean to say brother,but I’m going for the real Christian who need’s to hear this.They are found on this site..and in the highway’s/byway’s of my daily travel’s.I have met my share of ‘preacher’s’..recently.I believe God has put them in my path.I don’t hold back.They see the seriousness of what I tell them..because I get out of the way and let God tell them.I’m not out to win friend’s…only get the whole WORD,and it’s truth out there.You are a wonderful friend..and we both know …it’s all about our Lord…Jesus.Thank you for letting me..’say my piece’…which had better be ‘God’s piece’.[PEACE].