Liberals ‘Shaking With Outrage’ Blame ‘White Women’ For Lack Of ‘Blue Wave’ Materializing – Are These People Capable Of Taking One Minute To Celebrate Their Wins?

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  1. dan.w says:

    God bless these women pictured who to me,also look like they have Christ in their lives.We need more women,and men who will not only defend truth,but go on the offence,and come to the Throne of God in prayer to ask for continued protection of America,turn back the tide of evil..give us Godly wisdom..and win our lost fellow Americans to Jesus.Liberalism is a disease for which Jesus is the only real cure.We must fight the fight on a spirit level,or we lose…Take it to the Throne.

  2. dan.w says:

    Evil can only take ground that is not occupied.Let us take back the land,or as Jesus put it’Occupy until I return’.Our mandate from Him is to get the Gospel out and occupy.If we are obedient,and walk in His can be done,or He would not have said so.A third great awakening can happen…if we want it enough.Let each of us go to God in sincere prayer/repentance/humility and ask Him to give power to our prayer and intercede and take this land back for Him and His glory.Thats what the pilgrims did and wanted.That should be our prayer as well.Father God..empower our prayers and inhabit them.Move mightily on Your behalf,for Your Namesake take back the land we have given over by our sins of omission,commission,rebellion..and unbelief.Help us to take You seriously,and use us to bring in a tremendous end time harvest of souls..I ask in Jesus Name..Amen.

  3. Matt says:

    California just elected the most far left liberal reprobate you can get as Governor, Gavin Newsom. Within 48 hours, the City of Paradise burned to the crowd. This is a sign from God that California, represents paradise for many people, will burn to the ground, if it continues down the path of sin, death, and destruction. Then there was a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks with 12 dead. You hear the word Mass so often now and that is God telling us to return to Mass on Sundays. On Friday, homes of many left wing celebrities burned to the ground in Malibu fires. Alysa Milano, one of the most vocal anti-life hollywood celebrity who also campaigned for many of the candidates that lost the election, had to evacuate. Seems that people in California just don’t get it and ignore warnings and signs from God. I fear for California. I want to move out but can’t. California is immersed in severe sin and now with a new Governor that will make Governor Brown look like a conservative.

  4. dan.w says:

    Seems very prophetic..Even in such a tragic situation as this,like in Revelation..hearts often get hardened against God..when in reality..He is calling out in mercy…and California go’s…sometimes its a ‘harbinger’ of future things.People of ‘The World’ just don’t get it…but God’s people see the Lord in all things.