Marijuana use in Brown’s death and Ferguson riots

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  1. Brother Joseph says:

    My Testimony regarding marijuana. First, if you do, DON’T. I began smoking marijuana in small amounts around the age of 12. This lead to a long period of my life being under the addiction of marijuana until the year 2008, that’s 27 years of my life. I would always tell people, “it keeps me calm.” I truly believed myself when I spoke these words. However, I can look back now and see the very angry, impatient and bitter man I was all those years. Also, my health was far worse during these years. At the time I gave it up, I was spending roughly $70.00 per week x 27 years = $98,280.00. Do you think this was being fair to my family? NOT AT ALL. $3,640.00 per year was being being taken away from the mouths of my children. We had to move several times because we couldn’t pay the bills. Does smoking marijuana still sound good to you? If you use it, this is what you are doing, the very same thing I did. You are displeasing God, wrecking your reputation, destroying your family, throwing money away and wrecking havoc on your health. ALL drugs and alcohol literally put holes in you brain, if you don’t believe this, feel free to research it, you will find that it is true. My memory to this day is not what it should be thanks to my past stupidity. Some people will say, God put it here, I was one of them! God also put deadly mushroom here, DO YOU EAT THEM? I would have to say that their is no argument at all. Keep In Mind, I Am Speaking From A Long Period Of Bad Experience, One Who Lived The Life. I wonder where I would be today if this never was? NO ARGUMENT AT ALL, IF YOU ARE, STOP… THANK YOU JESUS, ALL GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE TO THE KING OF KINGS.

  2. I so agree with the data on Marijuana use! I believe personally that people use marijuana to cope with abuse, stress, and peer pressure. Then once you start using it, it is hard to get off, because it causes irritability, headaches, and anxiety when trying to come off of it. In low doses of THC, it does have a calming effect, but the more you smoke of it, the more you need. If you are already suffering from psychological problems, it seems to calm you at first, but when a person is antagonized, then rage becomes an issue. I never knew that it was wrong to smoke it, until a Pastor told me it was, so I challenged him on where it was in the Bible. I told him that if he could show me, then I would quit! He did! It is considered as sorceries, or Pharmakeia. Anytime that you change the order in which God created the mind to work, you are conjuring up magic or sorcery, so it is forbidden to use any type of mind altering drug. It also does impair driving! Many wrecks have happened and many killed due to the use of marijuana, among other mind altering drugs. The fact that Marijuana has been made legal is not good at all. It has only opened the door to allow use of other lethal drugs, and using marijuana does lead to the use of those drugs. Once you start using it, the effects seem to wear off faster as time goes by, and then you can’t achieve that high, so you go on to something stronger! My heart is saddened at the condition that this country is in, and the fact that life is no longer valued anymore. We need to come back to the ways of our founding fathers with the laws that were given by God, only then will we once live in a righteous country, where God is allowed in our schools, and we respect the rights of others. I fear though that those days are long gone.

  3. sheila says:

    It also makes growing young men voices become high I noticed.

  4. Angelic Warrior says:

    John, I haven’t posted in a while, but this article caught my attention. The “gentle giant” that was Michael Brown was, in my opinion stoned out of his mind on marijuana that is leaps and bounds stronger and more contaminated by other drugs than what I smoked 40 years ago in my hippy days. Two things, however, have struck me these past few months. 1., when Brown stole the garbage “cigars” from the store, NO ONE in the media addressed the issue that $50.00 of these were not stole for personal consumption. After 20 years as a street cop, I can TELL YOU that he stole these to manufacture “blunts”, a street term for a very large marijuana joint packed into these cigars after the tobacco is emptied. This, in my opinion would indicate that Brown was into selling drugs. 2., I work in a city that has 23 districts with @250-325 officers per district. This is more Officers in each District than most MEDIUM sized cities have, much less than 53 Officers in Fergueson. I can guarantee you that any Officer worth his salt learns the “players” in his jurisdiction pretty quickly. My guess is that Officer Wilson did as well, and I would bet my only child that Brown and Officer Wilson met more than once before this fiasco happened. When the call came out of a Strongarmed Robbery just occurred with the descriptions of one offender looking like an African-American chichuahua and the “gentle giant” that was Brown, Hellen Keller herself could have put 2 and 2 together if she came upon these 2 morons. I am positive that Officer did not wake up that fateful morning and say to himself, “Gee…I really feel the need to arbitrarily gun down a black male.” He didn’t do ANYTHING different than I and thousands of other Officers REGARDLESS of their race would have done. God Bless, keep, and protect Officer Brown.

  5. Barbara in VA says:

    @Angelic Warrior–just wanted to let you know that you are thought of and prayed for! God bless you!

  6. Lori says:

    I heard an excellent comment from one of the hosts on Fox News about Officer Wilson. She was saying that as a police officer they have a lot to lose when they have to make the decision to shoot at someone, after all Officer Wilson is now out of the job he most likely would have stayed in for his life’s work. Not to mention he was only 28 years old, I would think he wanted to continue being a police officer much longer! Now his life is changed forever! Just thought this was an excellent comment.

  7. Denise Swindle says:

    Praise God,I am with you all the way!
    In Christ,Denise

  8. Dan.w says:

    God bless all of our officers of the law ,firemen as well,who are there for us.I do appreciate all of you.Your hands are almost tied because of political correctness.Father God,please watch over our police and fire personnel.Watch over their families and their relationships as well.It is no picnic being a spouse ,as they wonder if you will make it home tonight.Guard them,I pray….Amen.

  9. Angelic Warrior says:

    To Barbara in VA, thank you….the prayers are much appreciated. Hoping that VERY soon, a loud trumpet blast will sound and we who believe will all be airborne to go home. Looking forward to meeting you and all the brethren. You cant miss me…I will be the large bald Caucasian standing with a Caucasian woman and a Caucasian girl. Stop by and say hey!!!!

  10. David New says:

    To Angelic Warrior: I’ll start by saying i am not a rabid Micheal brown supporter but your synopsis of him may be a bit too far. Did he steal? YES! Should he have not done anything when a police has a gun to him?. YES! Was he under the influence of a drug that was illegal in his area? This appears to be the case! But immediately assuming he was a drug dealer for the cigars he stole is quiet a leap. Your probably right that he was going to make blunts but I’ve known guys who personally smoke up to 4-5 blunts a day. Honestly he made some mistakes but we should not make things up about him we don’t know for sure. Just like we cant REALLY be sure of his standing with Jesus since we didn’t know him personally and we are not his Creator who watched him from birth. Even though the Bible states we are equipped to judge right from wrong it doesn’t approve of Gossip and Slander about something we weren’t even there to witness.

  11. Angelic Warrior says:

    To David New, how can I say this in the most loving Christian way….David, are you high? I have been a Police Officer for over 20 years, and I doubt you can say the same. I have ACTUAL STREET EXPERIENCE of the workings of street narcotics trafficking…do You? I am not using gossip OR slander in the comments I made, they were based on EXPERIENCE, not some Joel Osteen/Rick Warren feel good I cant “judge” you/mabey poor Mike was really a Christian but was just backslidden and I wasn’t here to witness the mean White Police Officer brutalize another black youth(all 6’04”/300 pounds of him) because the white Police Officer is just racist. Is it a travesty he is dead? Of course, but it didn’t have to be so if he would have only complied with Officer Wilson. The Officer DID have Reasonable Suspicion that Brown may have fit the description given by the Dispatcher. I mean, how may black males in a town of 20,000 could have fit it? I guess the thing that really irks me about your comment is the sheer obtuseness of it. Scripture didn’t include the admonition of being innocent as a dove but wise as a serpent for nothing. The Lord gave you common sense for a reason for the time we have to be on this planet…please stop trying to be so compassionate for the “oppressed” because it is what the feel good snakeoil preachers spout and try to see the forest for the trees. Wake up pal…its an ugly world down here and it aint getting better.

  12. Brother Joseph says:

    Innocent as a dove but wise as a serpent… Well said Angelic Warrior. First, I thank you for the many years that you have served as an officer of the law and, placing your life on the line for all of us. I come from a long line of law enforcement, I myself am not. However, I have heard the oath that is taken by all officers at graduation from police academy many times. It does not fit the profile and actions of many, “Not All” officers of the law today. In fact, it does not even come close to fitting the actions of officer Willson. When we peer into prophecy, we see a world in chaos leading into the New World Order and, the seven year tribulation period. That is clearly unfolding right now. Currently we can hear statements by such people like “Rahm Emanuel” Quote; Never Let a Good Crises Go To Waste, End Quote. We see as if it were a stage play act, complete with cast, the lame stream media fueling the flames of race wars, a media that is controlled by our government. What do I see? I see the creation of a police state in preparation of martial law, and many “Not All” officers loving every moment of it. Most of my family in law enforcement have gladly retired and, they see the very same thing I do. I am certain that with your many years on the force, you see the same and want no part of it. Innocent as a dove but wise as a serpent… Well said. I pray in the name of Jesus for that innocents, wisdom and a wall of fire of protection be round about you, your family, partner and his or her family. May God bless you and guide you as you walk with Him in all you do, just as he did for my brother John McTernan in his many years of law enforcement. That is what we need in law enforcement, men and woman willing to let God be in control, not man. Men and woman with compassion not hatred and bitter tones. God bless you Angelic Warrior, Numbers 6:24-26 To All, As for the commenting on John’s blog, let’s not turn it into a battle, Brother John has allot on his plate that he gladly receives of the Lord. Thank you all… Brother Joseph

  13. Angelic Warrior says:

    Brother Joseph, I thank you for the prayers and support, and I have to admit that my cognitive-dissonance meter is about to blow up regarding the current state of affairs of Law Enforcement. I wholeheartedly agree that this country is MOST DEFINITELY headed for a Stasi/Nazi brown/black shirt type of Police force after many years of failed attempts of a warm fuzzy community policing model. I have in my family 17 members that became Police Officers, my father lived through the landing on Omaha Beach, and I have distant Serbian relatives who fought against the Nazis…I never signed up to be a Police Officer of that ilk. It sickens me to see how many young officers coming on in the past 10-15 years fit that description, so I agree with your relatives. I will not regret leaving this job very soon because it is just going to get worse.. On the flip side, what does society want? Face it, most of society dosent respect Police, they merely tolerate them when it is convenient for them. The rest of the time the Police can do no right. Too brutal, insensitive, racist, misogynistic, you name it. I really don’t know the answer. Also, if I was too hard on Dqvid New, I apologize. I don’t know if this guy is legimate, a troll, or what. As I said in the beginning the meter is running in the red. All the more reason I hope were gone pretty soon. The world can have this world…I wanna go home. John, you have any words of advice? I know you were a federal agent and the work was different from a street cop, but you are a chaplin. Anything?