Megachurch Pastor Claims Christians Can Support Gay Marriage Without Betraying God

4 Responses

  1. DanW says:

    The ‘gay affirming'[pastor] is a mouth piece for his papa…da devil.False shepherd,lost sheep…..God and His Word stand.When we differ from Scripture,it is us ,not God who is wrong.This wolf in sheeps clothing will have some very hot shoe’s in the near future.OOp’s…did I name call?.No…..just answering correctly with Scripture.Please pray for him and others that ‘believe the lie’.

  2. DanW says:

    Brother John..have you heard about the latest story about the FDA creating a market/using human baby body parts for use in ‘humanized mice’???? If true,it makes me sick.God bless….P.S. could you cover this story when you have time and get it out there.Thanks,Dan.

  3. Randel L Miley says:

    The ‘Holy Fire” was named for the area in which it started, the Holy Jim Canyon. Ironically, the name “Holy Jim” was given to a foul-mouthed beekeeper, named Jim Smith, who lived in that canyon in the late 1800’s. Some people apparently also started calling him “Salvation Smith”. Perhaps they were hoping he would get saved, but I’m not sure that he ever did.