Micro-documentary Series: As the Pope Did to Israel

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  1. Jackie says:

    San Andreas Earthquake May 28Th The Next Megaquake?

    I thought this interesting and time will tell. You can checkout on utube.

    The weather is crazy and I hear so many people make comments like
    “Something just feels strange or I have a feeling of heaviness.”

    Watch and pray

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I believe the fault will break on day of national sin, so there is no doubt it is from the Lord.

  2. Dan.w says:

    It amazes me that men think they are safe from God,using religion.By believing they belong to something,the Lord will pass over them and their sin.God misses nothing,and is not passing over them,but gracious,giving them time to repent,and turn to Jesus.Rome as far as I know,always had whorish tendencies.They play footsie with whatever culture they use,meanwhile the pope is called ‘father’vicar of Christ,etc.One day soon the Lord will turn on the lights.There will be no place to hide.Pomp and all the rest of it will melt like the morning fog,and all will be seen as it really is.Each of us,has a date with destiny.You and I are in Christ’s appointment book.We WILL keep that appointment…He will see to that.God bless you all.

  3. Danielle says:

    @Denise from MI ~ Hi Denise … Not sure if you are the same one who requested prayer for your neighbor who fell and broke her neck yesterday and then your brother called 911. ((This was on John’s radio show tonight .. Prayer requested in the chat room.) FYI , we saw the request and did pray for your brother and the family, as well. I pray she knew The Lord and went to be with Him. Thank God your brother was there for her, so she did not have to be alone. Anyway, whether it was you, or a different “Denise” I know that all who read this will gladly lift that situation to Abba for His peace, love, and comfort to all involved. I know Brother John will pray as well, but right at the same time you posted he had to go in another direction and leave us 99 (momentarily) to go after the one sheep who was in trouble … there are so many wounded soldiers in need of our prayers! Keep going everyone … We are almost home !! Forever His,

  4. susan says:

    I read your post and totally agree that this is no small matter. The Pope is refuting the Word of God that has established the Jewish State just as the prophets foretold. I am concerned about evangelical pastors that have gone to Rome to meet with him and then came back and say what a great time. The Pope’s move to call the Palestinian leader a man of peace and to recognize a Palestinian State is against the Word of God and the Jewish people. Evangelical pastors need to take notice of this and cut off ties with Rome completely because it will destroy their ministries. I for one am now cautious of every minister that attended a meeting with this Pope who certainly isn’t promoting true Christianity but compromise with Islam and even the Dali Lama. The Roman Catholic Church is not a true reflection of the Church of Jesus Christ. It is a mammoth institution that down through the centuries has persecuted the Jewish people. No wonder Jewish people have had a difficult time seeing the true Yeshua/Jesus. I believe there are true Christians in the Roman Church because God does not look at signposts over the door but at the heart. But I am praying that Christians will leave all apostate churches no matter how many sentimental ties they have. The days of compromise are over. The days of staying alive spiritually in an apostate church are over. Christians need to pay attention, read their Bible and pray or they will drift on the tide of counterfeit Christianity and not even realize the peril they are in I am praying too for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and discernment to know the false from true. Satan has always used the Word of God out of context but we all need to be able to say like Jesus “It is written”. That’s what defeats him- the Word and the Spirit.

  5. Norman, Shropshire, UK says:

    “In the Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?” (Ps 11:1).
    We could compare Jesus’ assessment of Sardis to the ‘visible’ church of the Protestant nations: “I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.” (Rev 3:1-6) There are many shadows of the real, and even the Lord’s dearest disciple was impressed with the earthly glory and pomp of the woman in Rev. 17: “when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration”.
    When all is said and done, there is really only one safe place to be, and that is ‘IN CHRIST’.

  6. Marcel says:

    Dan, you hit the nail on the head when you wrote earlier that religious pride keeps most from turning away from Satan’s crown deception which is Rome. With so many it is ancestral worship where they put family religious tradition above God and the truth.Pride leads them to make the wrong choice.Something else came to mind, the rich man and Lazarus. If they put Rome above Moses and prophets (the word if God) then nothing, not even someone rising from the dead to warn them about the road to soul destruction the religion and Rome is will awaken them.
    When I was witnessing to my brother back in the early 80’s he told me angrily that he was born a Catholic and would die a Catholic.
    Those who have forsaken dead religion to follow King of Kings Jesus are looked at as traitors to family , historic tradition and all that other garbage. The religious don’t want to leave their delusion to follow Jesus because they would have to surrender all to Him.They keep themselves as lord in their hypocrisy and double minded ways. I still witness to my brother but ‘Moses and the prophets’ don’t seem to interest him. Today, the stubborn Catholic is married to a buddhist from China. Pride is the greatest snare in Satan’s arsenal.

  7. Gary Canant says:

    The accelerated rebellion to it, ie homosexuality!

    Accelerates the equal and opposite REACTION!. (my thought as I read Global War Preparatio)


  8. Danielle says:

    @Susan .. excellent post. As I recently shared with Brother John, I was born and raised a “devout” Catholic and endured Catholic school, as well. To think I might have continued to live in darkness the rest of my life, makes me shudder !! ..but God, praise Your Holy Name, had a plan & brought me “into His marvelous light!” Years later, fast forward, married with children I thank God for 2 precious ladies going door to door who handed me a tract which explained that I needed to be saved by Jesus Christ in order to have eternal life. ( I first needed to repent of my sin .. and I don’t mean to a secret man in a box! “…For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;”) Of course, when they first asked me if I knew for sure if I would go to Heaven, should I die, I was highly insulted! My answer to them was “of course I will go to Heaven …”I’M CATHOLIC.”
    Agreeing to read the tract if they would just go away and leave me alone, I was sure I was so right and they were wrong! I remember being really angry and wanting to throw that tract in the garbage. Oh Thank You , Jesus …”something” made me read it over and over, until I came to the realization that I was NOT SAVED !! From that day on, I have been (to them) the black sheep of the family! Little do they know I am Jesus’ little lamb ..spotless and made clean and pure white by His precious blood which he gave for me at the cross! Dead religion is right Marcel! Satan fights this “Catholic thing” really hard, because there is nothing quite like a dead man walking , who finds out the Truth and will proclaim it with his (or her) last breath for all to hear and believe !! Nothing like a born again believer ( who used to believe all the lies they were told) who is completely sold out to Jesus and on fire to tell the world of His love for them! Keep preaching the Word and don’t stop witnessing to the Catholics, please !! Blessings to all,
    Forever His,

  9. Denise in MI says:

    Danielle, thank you for your prayers for my brother and the lady he tried to help (yes, she knew the Lord). I knew we were short on time (my fault for hesitating), and I know S’s need was immediate. I could tell that the counseling and prayer really helped her, praise God.

    I knew people would remember my request in their own prayers. I hadn’t told anyone but my husband, so I know the Lord was leading me to the radio program. Mostly my brother keeps seeing the accident happen and her lying there while he was waiting for an ambulance. He knew not to move her, but he wanted so much to save her. (She used to babysit all 4 of us when we were kids, so she’s like family.)

    He felt so helpless, but it was a freak accident and there was nothing he could have done.The doctor who treated her said people with that kind of injury usually die immediately, and he had only seen one other patient besides her make it to the ER in 30 years. Even though she did pass, her daughters, grandchildren & whole family got to be there to say good-bye. The Lord gave them that gift b/c my brother was there. On a low-traffic road, she could have easily died alone and not been found right away. So my prayer for my brother is that he will see the Lord’s hand in this and accept that He knows the day of our birth as well as our death, and it’s not for us to know His ways.She never suffered, and the Lord was merciful in having someone there for her.

    Thanks again for praying and for being so thoughtful to let me know. When you or John or others on the show pray you know just what words to say-true prayer warriors.

  10. Marcel says:

    Gary, If you didn’t read my comment from yesterday on the war at the door along with this now working link

    then since I don’t know you or where you are from I have to ask if this is a fact confirmed by two witnesses- 2 Corinthians 13:1?
    Iran has been working hard since 79′ to bring down the ‘great Satan’ and after take out the little Satan Israel. Putin and Iran with N. Korea and China are soon to make their move to turn American pride, Gay pride to dust and rubble. We are overdue !!!
    Nearly ten years ago I read Jeff’s dream where he saw a US Naval blockade of Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf and the nuclear holocaust that ensued.
    If the agreement with Iran that the community organizer in the White House has set to complete at the end of June falls apart and Obama/USA/UN target Iran with sanctions and an oil blockade then there might be something to Jeff’s dream. It’s had my attention since I read it July 5,2005.

  11. Gary Canant says:

    Read Revelations 17:4-6 Before clickN on below link.
    It is super important we take daily communion, and stay in communion and be HOLY! So we can recognize the sound,
    “Come out of her, MY PEOPLE!”
    I depend on city buses for mobility, I have looked for! waited on! A type of rapture-
    AND MISSED IT -( distractions ). A saintly driver said, “Yesterday was the rapture – YOU MISSED IT”


  12. Mary E. says:

    Excellent comment….well said!

  13. Matt says:

    The Associated Press erroneously or purposefully omitted two words when quoting the pope. Francis told Abbas “you are a bit an angel of peace,” not “you are an angel of peace.” The original Italian quote was, “Lei e un po un angelo della pace” http://news.yahoo.com/pope-calls-palestinian-leader-angel-peace-during-visit-102028787.html

    According to the Catholic faith, the Pope is infallible when it comes to matters of faith and morals. However, when it comes to science and politics, the Pope is fallible.

    Most Catholics have rejected the teaching of the Catholic Church on sexual ethics. They have adopted the secular view on sexuality. Sexual acts accepted by secular society are accepted by most Catholics. They have chosen modern culture as their teacher on sexual issues, not the Church. Most Catholics do not acknowledge or confess their own sexual sins: contraception, masturbation, pornography, lust in their heart, unnatural sexual acts within marriage have all become acceptable to them. The fact that so many Catholics use contraception based on low birth rates is a grave sin itself, and an indication that these same Catholics are committing grave sexual sins.

    It makes perfect sense for so-called Irish Catholics to have voted majority in favor of gay marriage. Correlating the Pope recognizing Palestine as an independent state to Irish voting for gay marriage is not valid.

    Per Catholic prophecy, Pope Francis will soon resign due to illness. Pope Francis admitted he won’t last long. The next Pope will be conservative but extremely short reign. God will strike all three down in one month after tribulations begin, read Zechariah 11:6-9

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I stand on what I wrote and it is pure nonsense to say the pope is infallible when it comes to matters of faith and morals.
      We can start with the idea there is NO such thing as pope and Catholic priesthood in the Bible.
      It is all error.

  14. Marcel says:

    Matt, do a study on NICOLAITANS and see why you must flee Rome’s false laity, clergy satanic system.
    Revelation 2:6 ‘Yet this you do have, that you hate (HATE?) the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.
    Jesus hates something and you are deep in it.
    Time to flee Rome if you believe Jesus, Matt!

  15. Dan.w says:

    Thanks Marcel.God bless you and brother Norman,and all here.We are one body in Christ.I’m going to tell a little story.It may sound funny,but there is a spiritual truth behind it.Long ago,someone told me that years ago,in Africa,monkeys were being caught to be sold or traded for something else.It is very easy to catch a monkey.Put a banana by him.You then can catch him,because he is more afraid that you will take his banana away,than to take thought that he is about to be caught.Here is wisdom,let those who are truly wise,understand.The monkey symbolizes fallen man,the banana is the religious system world wide,the person who catches the monkey.is satan.If the monkey had spiritual insight,he would have heeded the gut feeling[spirits prompting],that this is a trap,and ran,despite the ‘free’ banana.He would have escaped satans clutches,and been really free.Free from false religion which can only take you to the pit.Jesus,as brother Norman has so aptly said,is our only hope,our only safety,our Ark.This was a story based on truth,because,sometimes people will willingly listen to a story,but ignore the greatest story,Christ.God is not a Holy arm twister,that being said.it doe’s not mean He won’t outrun you,and wait on the other side of your futility,and exhaustion.When you have come to the ‘end of yourself’,as all of us here have,that is when the Lord can be heard,speaking the still small voice to you.Can you hear Him?…………He is calling to you..now.

  16. Cha Ching says:

    Give up the dispensatanism Johnny….

    It doesn’t go well with the truth…