More illegal aliens murders

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  1. DanW says:

    I believe time is very short for us as believers.As you say,brother John..they ARE coming at us from all sides.This thing did not happen over night,but has been going on for a long time..with a deafening silence and a looooong yawn from the cultural church and most supposed conservative pundits.Most ‘conservatives’believe Sen.McCain was a conservative too……No…he was a Rhino,like Ryan.He didn’t reach across the aisle,he was in the wrong seat.God bless him for his service…..but like Bush’s 1and 2…..a one worlder to the core.God bless you Mr.Trump.You may not have served in the military…but you are serving now….and doing a darned fine job…say’s I.Like the Bible declares..beware when all men speak well of you.That say’s volumes about McCain and also about Trump.I pray for you daily,Mr.president…Keep up the great work,sir,Dan.w.