More than 5,000 pro-Trump bikers will form a ‘wall’ at The Donald’s inauguration

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  1. danw says:

    Thanks for all you do brother John/sis Georgeann….On a positive note..I find it refreshing that ‘the Donald’ has polished his tones as far as his detractors are concerned.This speaks huge volumes about the people he is surrounding himself with,as I’m sure they have come to his aid in the fine art of wordsmithing….it doe’s show.He has the spine for the times we live in,and I do believe if he walks in true humility before the Lord,[us too…],God will bless this mans efforts.I pray that his words become action to be Israels real friend and make all his promises to them a reality…Also..I pray God uses him and his administration as sharp arrows in the Lords quiver.God bless the Jew everywhere…God bless Israel.