Morning Raid to Crush Chicago Churchgoers: Entire Neighborhood Has Cars Towed

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  1. dan.w says:

    I’m encouraged to see law enforcement stand with us on the constitution.Thank you officers.We pray that the Lord will bless all of you,keep you safe and healthy.We need patriots to stand side by side with officers who value God,life freedom and America as it was created.Godless rogue governors need to leave office and go to Russia or China,or some third world hell hole to get a taste of how good it is here…so don’t wreck it….or just leave on a one way trip and leave us alone.The world is filled with commie nations.We don’t want ours to become one.All of us who love God and country need to stand up,need to vote,get involved at every level.We will lose this war if we just wait for someone else to do something and not us.Couch potatoes and commies have one thing in common….They are both destroying America.People Arise…..We are here for this time in history.God watches us.If we don’t try to save this nation…Why should He? We need to call out evil,and name names…putting people out of work who are traitors and seditious.Pastors too…Arise.Don’t make Caesar a lord over Christ.To heck with the 501c3…..